Who We Are

Who are we?

We met selling over-priced tacos and quickly bonded over a mutual love for extra guac. Fast forward a few years and we realised that mashing avos wasn’t our only shared passion. We dreamt up Uninhibited.co over mojitos and a campfire with zero clue on where to even begin when it came to blogging (and to be honest we’re still learning).

The first few months of our venture were spent navigating html codes, and googling how to’s.
As it turns out, even the simplest steps like buying a domain name ended with many calls to the Godaddy.com tech dudes in the states! (Yes we did finally discover that that step was pretty easy.)

Today Uninhibited.co is a space for creatives to express themselves freely as our own little corner of this ever-expanding online world to share images and ramblings.

What do we get up to when we’re not blogging?

At the moment, Court is getting stuck into a Photography course at RMIT University and Mia is studying Journalism and working in Swinburne University of Technology’s Media team.

Wanna get know us on an even deeper level?

Head to our interview here given by the lovely ladies over at  @theconnectioncorner!