SUBMISSION: Tales of the Great Ocean Road

June 16, 2016


A few weeks ago our mailbox went ping! And we were introduced to a lovely soul named Nicola Anderson.  Nicola had just arrived home from a year of travelling and was lucky enough to take the windy trip down Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. Originally from Ottawa, Canada, Nicola spent her time away working as a Yoga teacher and capturing moments on her film camera. Only living around a two hour drive from the Great Ocean Road ourselves, we were intrigued to see our beautiful country through a “tourists” eyes! Nicola has managed to combine all things we love here at Uninhibited, being the coast, road trips, photography, and that oh-so contagious sense of discovery and adventure! Nicola’s words, memories and photos were too beautiful not to share with you all, so head below and let Nicola’s piece take your mind on it’s own lil’ road trip 😉

Tales of the Great Ocean Road


I am back in Canada now, writing this from my kitchen table drinking a cup of drip coffee, staring out the window. It’s the beginning of summer here, it’s been two months since I’ve arrived back home, and sometimes I wonder if my year and two months in Australia was all a dream.
Did all of that really happen?


The Great Ocean Road is a place I had wanted to explore before leaving my time in Melbourne. My friend at the time had never been either, so we rented a car and decided to make the coastal road trip together. Sometimes in relationships things so don’t always pan out how you had expected, which is an inevitable part of life. But no matter what changes there always remain those moments in time that stay perfectly intact. The adventures that you can look back on and say, that was a really great time. This particular road trip was one of them.

The day we began our two day adventure it was raining, and at the peak of winter in Victoria and the wind was a bitter cold. But we drove on anyways. There is something about coastal road trips that I absolutely love. The year prior my dad and I drove Highway 101 down the California coast, past steep cliffs and cozy coastal towns. While any coastline provides a familiar nostalgic feeling, when we encountered a large kangaroo eating in the middle of a roundabout I remembered that no, we weren’t back in California — this was the Australian coast.


We picked a really great day to explore. The cold, rainy weather meant there were less tourists. Once we passed the giant sign that marks the beginning of The Great Ocean Road, the stormy weather began to clear. It was kind of surreal at one moment, we pulled over to take a closer look at something that was moving in the water. To our surprise it was a huge whale breaching the surface, slapping it’s fins on the water almost as if to say hello. We kept driving, and saw a couple of rainbows, even a double rainbow. It was magnificent! You can see in one of the photographs, a rainbows ends above a giant golden looking rock, resemblant to a pot of gold. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a leprechaun hiding in that photo, too.


A little further down the road there was an abandoned barn, off in the distance in a muddy field, behind a wild garden of yellow daffodils. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to jump the barbed wire fence but we did anyways. No harm was caused other than collecting mud on the soles of our shoes, and I knew it would make for some photos with the best light.



We continued driving. The Twelve Apostles are located off the shoreline of Port Campbell National Park, and I was excited to finally see them in person. This section of the drive is a hub for tourists, as expected, but it’s one of the most photographed places in Australia for good reason. The limestone stacks hold your attention, it’s hard to explain the feeling you get looking out at this view, it was beautiful.


The ocean views from this trip are cemented into my memory. In hindsight, it’s also that sense of adventure and feeling of being so alive that flood back to me. While I feel very lucky to be able to share travel experiences like this one, I hope you get the chance to explore to.

Coastal road trips are seldom a bad idea. If you feel the ocean calling, pulling at your heartstrings, please! You must go.



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