The side hustle – what it is and how to balance it with your job or your studies

February 22, 2017

Ah the side hustle, a term you may or may not be familiar with that seems to be popping up left, right and centre.

Many of you creatives out there will be well aware of what a side-hustle as you’re probably juggling one or two yourselves however for those who don’t, a side hustle, generally speaking, is a passion project that someone works on in their spare time.

For us, Uninhibited is our side-hustle. We both work to pay the bills and study to get the brains, but we blog cause we love it and we want to be able to (one day!) turn it into a career.

If you follow us closely (shout out to our Mums!) you may notice that occasionally we drop off the radar some weeks, and we’re not always consistent with our posting, this is cause our lives (like everyone) else’s get hectic! but we’re trying to implement a few things to more successfully manage Uninhibited so it can grow and flourish just like we want it to do! So we thought we’d share some of our strategies we are beginning to implement


We know it’s an obvious one but it’s also one that we need to work on the most. Whether it be getting a diary and penning it in or blocking out time in your calendar to work on your side hustle it’s important to allocate your time.

For us, cause it’s the two of us, finding time to meet up regularly can be hard, but damn are we productive when we do! If you have a partner in your side-hustle, try to catch up (even for an hour) face to face at least once a month and see how much you get done! Plus it’s a good excuse to hang out!

Staying on top of emails is another biggie, try to reply as quickly as possible to clients or people you are collaborating with. Set up your emails on your phone and instead of Facebook being the first thing you check in the morning, check your emails, this goes for Instagram DMs and Facebook messages too! We love people who respond quickly and I’m sure everyone else does too!


We both use public transport most days and find that it’s really handy to use our commute time to catch up on blog posts, post to Instagram, check our emails or update each other on anything new.

The beauty of 2017 is that we pretty much always have access to the internet and to each other right in the palm of our hand. If you’re stuck waiting at the doctor’s, waiting for your coffee order, or waiting for a mate use your time to tune into your side hustle and complete the little tasks that can so easily be forgotten.


Write shit down. Do you want to gain 1000 followers in the next 2 months?  Well writing it down and making the goal official is the first step to making it happen! It makes you accountable, even if it is just to yourself. It will feel good to be able to put a big fat tick next to it when you achieve your goal.

Weekly goals are a thing too, and in fact, I reckon they work! On a Monday morning jot down all the side-hustle related things you’d like to do this week and put it somewhere you’ll see it. Mine is at my desk at work, where I spend 8 hours a day! You could put yours next to your bed or on your fridge, seeing it over and over again will make you more likely to do it.

Things on my weekly list might include publishing blog posts, replying to emails, sending emails, working on plans and strategies, arranging a time to meet up with Court and working out our Insta/FB schedule.

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