PSA: So Fresh on Spotify

March 20, 2017

Okay so if you grew up in Australia in the 2000’s you probably had one of these bad boys in your CD rack. If you didn’t you missed out and can thank us later for enlightening you to the musical JOY that comes with listening to a So Fresh compilation CD.

This may be old news for some but you can actually listen to every So Fresh album from 2000 onwards on Spotify, who bloody knew?! Day. Made.

How did we find out this wonderful information?

Mia was about to start putting together an Autumn playlist for the blog and then remembered how good So Fresh Hits of Autumn 2004 was. The rest is history – enjoy what we believe to be, some of the best So Fresh compilations from the early 2000’s.

Hits of Autumn 2004

Hits of Winter 2003

Hits of Spring 2005

Hits of Summer 2004


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