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April 17, 2016


Miss Trixie Drinks Tea

We give to you, fellow Melbournian and the woman behind “Miss Trixie Drinks Tea” Miss Alice Bennett! A one-woman show that began as a simple blog to allow her family and friends see her weekend baking, Miss Trixie Drinks Tea has now grown to an insta following of over 10k and most importantly into a thriving baking business! However this is not “just a baking business”,  Alice pours her heart and soul into all her creations and proves that baking is not only a skill but an art form. We were lucky enough to snag some of her time between her busy schedule, and as imagined Miss Trixie is just as sweet as her mouth-watering cakes!

So scroll a little further and get your daily dose of passion and wisdom whilst also a mild sugar craving….sorry in advance!

When did you start “Miss Trixie Drinks Tea” & Why?

I started Miss Trixie as a blog when I was in uni because I have a mild obsession with dessert and anything sweet. The blog shared my recipes of every sweet I made in my home kitchen. It slowly turned into people asking me to make their cakes for birthdays and special occasions. It has really taken off over the last 18 months and I decided to move it from blog to business.

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Has your passion always been for cakes? Or did you have another plan when you left school?

To be honest, when I left school I knew I wanted to go into marketing/PR. But I’ve always had a passion for sweets. Growing up, I was always the one to want to bake. Batches of scones were my speciality!

Has transferring your passion into a business taken the joy out of your work or has it just fuelled your passion further?

Fuel it! But don’t get me wrong, it can be really exhausting – the pressure is certainly on. There are some days when I just want to come home and flop on the couch but I’m needed in the kitchen. It’s a balancing act, that’s for sure!

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At what point did you realise that you could turn your passion into your career?

People tell me everyday that I should be doing cakes. Most people at my work tell me I’m in the wrong industry! I know that I’m passionate about cakes and sweets – if your passionate about something, then you can turn it into your career.

What do you do when you are not preparing cakes/do you have another job?

I work full time as a marketing and events producer for Mango communications. So I organise and coordinate large scale brand events and live activations. And I bloody love it!

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If you had to bake a cake to represent yourself, what would it be like?

If it was to represent me, it would be my rich chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting, nutella and toasted meringue. Then I would have to include my favourite chocolates on top: reeses buttercups, peanut M&M’s, maltesers, kinder bueno, boost and kit kat. And it would have to have Darren Purchese’s salted caramel. Because no one can make caramel like that man.

What were the biggest struggles in the early stages of business?

I think I’m going through this right now – the biggest struggle I have is time management as I work full time. And I’m a one woman show, so having to do everything myself can be exhausting and tricky to manage. I am however so lucky to have the most supportive network one could ever ask for.

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Who/what inspires you to create your GORGEOUS, mouth-watering creations?

I have a couple. Okay, more than a couple. My Mum. Darren Purchese. Phillipa Sibley. The Meringue Girls. Katherine Sabbath. I get inspired by great work, clever work. All of these people do exactly that.

Your Insta feed is to die for, how does social media help your business

Instagram is everything for Miss Trixie. So many people stumble across me via Instagram, so it’s so important that I keep it regularly updated. It’s the way people shop now!

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Do you have any advice for young people wanting to begin a creative career like yours?

If you have something you love doing, then do it. There are so many tools to fuel a passion now, so investing in your passion is so easy now. And always remember the people who help you, because good karma is a thing 🙂

And lastly, what’s in the name?

Trixie was my grandmothers name. I loved her name and always thought it would be very marketable. I used to joke about it with her. Most people ask me if she was my baking inspiration, but to be honest, she couldn’t actually bake! My mum tells me of these hilarious horror desserts that went terribly wrong!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Alice as much as we did! We especially loved her advice in the last question, INVEST IN YOUR PASSION! It sums up exactly what we are about here at Uninhibited. 

To curb those sudden cake cravings or to supply a special occasion with a Miss Trixie creation, head to www.misstrixiedrinkstea.com

Do your feed a favour and follow her mouth-watering Instagram at @misstrixiedrinkstea

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