April 7, 2016

As all of our current followers/readers are aware, Uninhibited is still a baby in the blogging world! We are fresh on the scene, and not only do we want to share with you stories of inspiring people pursuing their passions, but we think it’s really important to share with you our journey so far in an authentic, and relatable way. The way we look at it is, in such a competitive online community, the one thing nobody else can tell/blog/post about is OUR story. So every now and then we are going to check-in, and give you some REAL TALK.

Our priority is to remain 100% real and completely honest with you guys, and just quietly, it’s something we are beginning to pride ourselves on.

So here we are.

Just Court and Mim, out in the open speaking our truth to YOU our readers. No matter if that’s one of you, or one hundred of you.

You have probably noticed we are producing content at a fairly slow rate, and we want you to know we are also aware of this! Between balancing uni/social lives/relationships/gym/family/work, and so on, Uninhibited unfortunately gets smaller chunks of our time than we would like! (I’m sure you can all relate!) But we are going to try our very best to pick up the pace a bit and get more posts rolling out.

We are currently in the midst of brainstorming and creating new, fresh content for you guys! And we are beginning to learn that it really does take effort (and squeezing of le creative juices!) However, we are also realising how fun this process can be and just how many avenues we can take our blog down, which is also why we are keeping Uninhibited quite broad at the moment, allowing it to grow and evolve with time.

If you have read our “what we are about” page, you will understand how important autheniticty is to us. This brought up a really prominent, yet not talked about issue in the growing Business Instagram community…


Yep, we said it. It has crossed all our minds, however would you really ever do it?
After reading this compelling article talking about just that, it got us thinking.

When did buying your fame become accepted in our society?

If you put it in real-world context, its like a pop-star paying people to turn up to their concerts, an actor paying people to give them shirts to sign, we could go on. It seems to be that this “online blogosphere” or “insta-world” have created their own rules. We found that this real world context really puts “follower buying” into perspective. If you were to buy all of your fans, would you really feel that sense of “making it” and accomplishment when you fill a stadium of people? Would you have pride in signing a shirt when that fan didn’t genuinely care about you or the content you produced? We didn’t think so.

What we are saying, is that as our readers we want you to know we are here to build an authentic following. Though we are still babies in this big online world, the only way to grow is through making mistakes and hell, just putting yourself out there! Each and every follow/view we get means the absolute world to us. And you know why? Because we are able to sit back and know they were genuinely interested in what we are doing and creating.

And it is that feeling that makes us so focussed on giving you guys the best we have to offer.

So thankyou for your patience so far, but as much as we want to give you as much as possible, our main focus is quality over quantity. We think that if you take time out of your busy day to read our stuff, we owe you every minute of our time making sure it’s perfect.


Uninhibited – Court & Mim x

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