Getting deep with Izzy Hobbs

November 11, 2016

Izzy Hobbs is one of those 16 year olds that makes you proud to be part of this up and coming generation. Her passions align completely with ours, and we are so excited to feature yet another young creative, more than ready to shake up and challenge the damaging habits of our world.

Izzy is a creator. She shoots short films, takes photos and is a wordsmith far beyond her years, however it’s not all about pretty things when it comes to Izzy Hobbs.


We thought it would be best to explain what we mean by this in her words:

“I don’t want to just take pretty photos and create nice things to look at, I want to have meaning and purpose behind my photos and film. I’m taking photos and creating film to explore and raise worldly issues to create an awareness and contemplation in people to evoke change.”


Basically, Izzy is all about DEPTH. You’ll either find her in the depths of the ocean, or creating moving content filled with evocative depth…

(click images for full size)

Fancy a sneak peak of Izzy’s upcoming film ‘Melius est Gurls’?

melius est Gurls – Coming soon… from Izzy Hobbs on Vimeo.

So what are Izzy’s plans?

“I spend all time I can in the ocean, whether it be swimming, surfing, diving or taking photos. My existence revolves around the ocean and so does everyone else’s for that matter, it’s the lifeblood of our planet – without it no life would exist. I realise that not everyone is enamoured and in constant contact with the ocean so my aim is to use my photos and films to help remind people of the beauty and magnificence of the ocean, to hopefully convey why it’s so important to look after our Earth.

I want to have purpose behind my work. As well as marine conservation I want to explore and raise world issues like gender equality to create an awareness and contemplation in people to evoke change.

At the moment I am working on a few film and photography series to do with femininity in the surfing industry. I’m also working on a series called “From Us, An Ode” which is a film and photo series about youth and the ocean and how they are going to be left with all the mistakes of past generations.

At the the end of  next year I hope to publish a hard cover photo book with words and my images to help inspire people to realise why looking after our oceans is so important. I’ll be having a big book launch party and will be donating profits to a marine friendly NGO, so keep an eye out!

After school I am aiming to do a Marine Science degree to help back up my ideas with knowledge. I’ve been working with a few organisation on film and photo projects such as Surfrider Gold Coast & Tweed and Panamuna Project which is an eco friendly sustainable surf brand. I am also their ambassador, check them out! I really admire what they are doing not many other brands have taken that initiative.”

Video of Izzy by ZALI BARTHOLOMEW (Check out our feature on Zali here!)

Well if you’ve read this far, you’ll see that Izzy’s awesomeness speaks for itself and probably wish you were this cool at 16. This chick is GOING PLACES! We know you’re going to want to follow her on Insta and Facebook. While you’re at it, check out her blog  AND her vimeo which features some of her sweet short films. You can thank us later.

Mia & Court xx




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