I forgot what travel is

October 13, 2016

 TRAVEL, whether you’re dreaming of it, planning for it, or living it, it’s a word we all hear and speak of so often, especiallyyyyyy in the online world…#travel But do we really understand, and take in, what it truly means to travel?

I can admit, I forgot until I was well into my 6 month overseas adventure.

Let me explain myself a bit further, because you’re probably thinking, how the hell can you forget what travel is!?

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When I say the world travel, what thoughts and memories come to your mind? For me, it was tropical beaches, excited mornings – waking up ready to catch a plane, endless beautiful views, new friends, new experiences and of course, new cuisines and cultures.

Pretty much all the thoughts that get you excited when you start thinking about your next big trip. Now don’t get me wrong, travel is definitely all those things and MORE, however I seem to always forget what now I look at as the obvious…


 That you must actually TRAVEL to go ‘travelling’.

Yes I know I sound extremely stupid. But I’m actually not kidding.

It was only the times when I was squished on a Sri Lankan train standing for hours without a seat, or waiting at a grungy bus stop in East Java for 5 hours of the night, after already traveling 10 hours by car..that I truly realised, and more so was reminded of what it truly meant, to travel.

IMG_2745 (1)At the time, it was not comfortable to say the least, and all I wanted to do was curl up in my bed at home! But to be honest, I think it’s so easy to forget the deep truth at the core of travelling, getting from A to B, may not always be easy, smooth or what you imagined. But what I have found so far, is that usually the hardest journeys mean less crowds, extraordinary places ,or even untouched nature, because put simply, not every traveller or backpacker has the balls to get there.

The best part of pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone (in these cases, quite literally) is that when you do receive comfort, or something as simple as your own seat on a bus, you know to appreciate it. And that’s what travel is all about, a change in perspective and a new found appreciation for what you do have, not what you don’t.

I hope that for anyone sitting at home, drooling over Facebook friend’s latest pics of their Europe summer trip or Southeast Asia adventure, that this works as a lil’ friendly reality check, That travel is NOT just the glamourised snapshots we scroll past on the daily… but so, so much more.

Court x

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