Hello big wide world

February 11, 2016


The fact that you have stumbled across our little blog makes us feel as though you already have a sense of discovery, a want for fresh, evolving ideas, and a need to settle your curiosity. Wow, I think we are going to be friends already. However before we get too ahead of ourselves (oops) we thought we should enlighten you with what exactly we are about here at Uninhibited.

In a world with so many do’s/don’ts and expectations, we wanted to create a place where rawness is celebrated, realness is a must and authenticity is the core.

Our vision

· To explore the lives of people living freely and following their hearts, in hope to inspire more to do the same.

· To discuss the big stuff, and the little stuff, delving deep into controversial topics, letting go of the boundaries society inflicts.

· To share experiences of our own and those of people we meet along the way

· To discover the underground and live beyond the mainstream

· To encourage those who are helping change the world

· To ensure authenticity and to remain genuine in an online world controlled by likes, wealth and insecurity.

We are for the artists, the inventors, the creatives, the natives, the painters, the composers, the connaisseurs, the designers, the beachcombers, the wordsmiths, the dancers, the gurus, the fashionistas, the bright and the brilliant, the crafty, the curators, the cognoscente, the wild and anyone inbetween.

Basically, we believe in living an authentic life that is unrestrained, unrepressed and of course, uninhibited.

So stay tuned lovers and friends, we think we are onto something special!


C & M xxx


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