Is Happiness really that simple?

April 10, 2017

Imagine if you fell in love with yourself and the life you’ve created?

The best part about it is that you are in full control of both, meaning you can decide to be happy at any moment. YOU are the one in control, and YOU are the one who knows best, right?

It’s not that easy I bet your thinking. But why not? We overthink, overcomplicate and over analyse life on such a level that our simplest needs for survival get lost in the process.

Why rely on falling in love with someone else to be happy? How could you leave such a necessity to happiness in the hands of the universe?

Waiting around for someone, something or one moment to “make you happy” is one of the most self-destructive mentalities you could have. You are with your mind every single second of every single day. If you haven’t realised this by now, this makes your thoughts, self talk and dreams an extremely vital factor when looking at your current level of “happiness.”

Why would you sabotage yourself by holding onto a false idea that you are missing a piece to make your life “complete.”

What if you decided to feel complete right……now?

What would change?

How would that make you feel?

Does that scare you a little?

But wouldn’t this mean you have no goals, ambitions, or visions for the future?


What this means is that you have finally seen clearly enough to understand the power your state of mind has over your entire state of being. Deciding to feel content, at ease and even grateful for where you currently are in life, has the power to transform you into someone you never thought existed. Once this clicks inside of you, your confidence and self belief will radiate off you and overflow into all areas of your life. Happiness is mental after all, isn’t it?

What does happiness even mean to you anyway? Initially this seems like such a simple question, but to delve deeper could lead you to the reason you feel so unsatisfied.

If you don’t yet know the answer to this question, how do you expect yourself to ever reach “happiness” with your life?

We all know you can’t forever be in a state of Happiness, nor am I trying to tell you this will happen over night. What I’m trying to say is that if we put as much energy into loving ourselves and our lives as we did loathing over the love we don’t have, just imagine what we could create?

Why not take the first steps into being and crafting a person or life that you love, and see where the magic wave of life takes you.


Court & Mim x

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