FILM: Melius est Gurls – Izzy Hobbs

January 27, 2017

You may remember Izzy Hobbs from when we featured her a few months back, if you do, you’ll recall that she is a total creative legend! We hinted at the end of our last post that we may share on of Izzy’s short film and finally, it’s happening! Presenting, Melius est Gurls.

The film features high-profile surfing sisters Ruby-Lee and Bonnie-Lou Coffey and Taylah McKenzie.


“Melius est Gurls meaning ‘the girls are better’, is a little clip showing that not all girls fit the stereotype and the narrow definitions of a woman. This film delves deeper into who these girls truly are, and proves that perception is narrow minded. Each one of these girls challenges this in their own way.” – Izzy Hobbs


melius est Gurls – Reelers 2017 from Izzy Hobbs on Vimeo.

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