Eye on Zali Rae

October 24, 2016

We were recently lucky enough to get inside the mind of fellow millennium child Zali Rae. Zali is a total all rounder and a woman who wears many hats, this post is only a glimpse into the whirlwind of art this girl is producing. Zali Rae is one to watch!

A Quick 20 with Zali

  1. Sunrise or sunset? Both!
  2. Best feel good tune? Kokomo – The Beach Boys.
  3. What would be your ideal day look like? My ideal day would probably be a hot summers day.. waking up for a sunrise surf with friends, acai for brekkie, painting and just laying on the beach all day and then watching the sunset while having a swim.
  4. Star sign? Aquarius.
  5. Favourite live performance ever watched? Probably sticky fingers or The Cure at Splendour.
  6. Last thing you ate? Coconut oil, tahini and avo toast.
  7. 5 years from now…? Have a little place in Byron, with a dog and really good longboard and surf, painting and soaking up sun haha.
  8. Best wave ever caught? A super long and clear ride in Byron Bay.
  9. Last nights dream? I think it was about some unreal tahini and chocolate that I ate yesterday!
  10. Must go location/country? Greece or Japan.
  11. Favourite Instagram ATM? @urmumsyadad
  12. Dogs or cats? Dogs
  13. Your can’t live without item? Probably swimmers.
  14. Coast or jungle living? Coast for sure haha.
  15. Biggest inspiration? The ocean and nature in general.
  16. Pet hate? Mess!
  17. Best quality? Mmm..My happiness!
  18. Fave art tool? Ah man that’s hard! Probably a good paintbrush and pencil.
  19. What does the ocean mean to you? It means everything to me, it’s everything that makes me feel good and stoked about life.
  20. Latest soul project? An art and film project called Lost Ocean, about ocean and marine life conservation.

Zali the artist


Zali the photographer


The Lost Ocean Project


“I want to inspire people to see just how beautiful and unique this incredible part of our planet is. And how respectful we need to be of it. By creating artworks and films that show beautiful images, inspire people, spread happiness in a world of doubt and fear, and create change.

I want to be able to share with people the unreal feeling of gliding across a wave, of diving beneath the surface and discovering a whole new world underneath. These things that are so amazing, but often taken for granted. I want to remind people about the beauty that this incredible place has to offer, how important it is to be aware of the effect we have on our oceans, and what we can do to change our ways and help keep this unreal part of our planet alive, healthy and beautiful forever.”

For more info on Zali’s up and coming (and gnarly) project that is raising awareness for the importance of marine life and the dangers our oceans are facing head here!

To follow Zali’s art and adventures chuck her an insta follow at: @zalirae

IF YOU’VE READ THIS FAR WE WILL LET YOU IN ON A SECRET!  Zali is also a talented film maker.. watch this space and we may just feature some of her films in the coming days…


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