Emy Dossett – Photographer – Beyond The Sea

October 5, 2016

As I write this, I’m sitting in an airport about to catch a plane to Cuba… on my own with my camera, flippers and underwater gear in tow. My dream? To capture Cuba in all it’s old world glory from both the land and sea before it changes. So essentially, I would say I’m an adventurous water baby who loves to take pictures.

I grew up in Northern NSW with the water as my backyard. I would get the biggest kick out of opening my eyes underwater when swimming in the ocean. I just loved everything I saw under there, from the patterns in the waves, to the colours and the light reflections.

The beauty now is I can capture all of it with my camera rather than just my salty eyes. My creative soul pursued a career in design but I’m constantly being pulled back to my number one love – photography! I now combine my love of water, travel and photography to share with the world.

The ocean is my biggest inspiration. I’m also inspired by the colours and patterns in nature I cross paths with in everyday life or on my travels, and the intriguing and rhythmic ways humans interact with the world. I love capturing all of these moments.

You can follow Emy’s photography on Instagram at @em.doss  and  Facebook here!

For enquiries and collaborations please email Emy at emydossett@gmail.com

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