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February 21, 2016

It’s a Saturday night in Sydney, and we are both buzzing from what was a fantastic day at #Radlivin. Naturally we were in the mood for celebration but to our surprise the streets of Sydney were dead.

As Melbournians, we thrive off a nightlife and entertainment culture that grows richer as the hour grow smaller.

Last night we experienced first hand the Sydney lock-out laws as we were forced to cut our night short.

Purely by chance, today 15,000 people peacefully gathered for the ‘Keep Sydney Open’ rally, only 5 minutes walk from where we are staying. We couldn’t help but get amongst it, the buzz on the streets was electric!

The gathering of Sydneysiders was a reminder of how fortunate we are in Melbourne to have a government that acknowledges and accepts the after dark culture we know and love, and understands the role it plays in so many lives.

We spoke to a few protesters about their thoughts on the lockout. We hope their passion and youthful wisdom resonates with you as much as it did with us.


Nina (Left) –

“I think it is a very short-sighted solution to a problem that was totally blown out of proportion, and it’s a classic New South Wales band-aid, media induced policy that doesn’t really address the issue of violence”


Cam –

“I think Sydney is a pretty un-empathetic place a lot of the time, every ones like ‘Oh, if it doesn’t effect us, why should we get out and protest?’ And I have to say it’s the first time in my life that i’ve had something effect me so directly, and so many other people around Sydney. These poorly thought out laws have just dramatically impacted the city in such a great way that it’s great to see so many people out here showing the government what we reckon, this is like democracy in action right here, as it should be!”

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Coco –

“Well for me it’s a matter of democracy, it’s just hilarious that if you have money you can basically buy your freedom with the new legislation, but if you’re poor you have to basically suffer from whatever the government imposes on you. Civil rights, which is what my sign says! 1984 is now! because it’s exactly what George Orwell predicted in a way. It’s the government, it’s the political system being turned upside down and imposing these crazy legislations that benefit the aristocracy, the fat cats! And what? the rest of us just should obey? I come from Germany and we’ve had thousands and thousands of years of revolutions and I think the Australian people have no grasp of how strong they are yet and the collective power. The can have a say, we elect the government not vice versa.”

If you’d like to support the Keep Sydney Open campaign, you can do so by heading to their Facebook page “Keep Sydney Open” or sign the petition at

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