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June 22, 2016


Our inbox has been getting a lot of love as of late, and boy are we lucky! Below we have a submission from a lovely lady named Annaleise who is currently situated in our sister city, Sydney! She has written a piece called “Choose The Better Life.” The piece is honest, relatable and almost like a life reflection, whilst making sure to share what lessons she has learnt so far. So sit back, and enjoy the reminder that we are all human, with similar inner struggles. We hope you can take Annaleise’s lessons, and apply them to your own experiences, to make sure you too, choose the better life.

Choose The Better Life.

One of the best things to ever happen to me would have to be heartbreak. Without those moments of complete and utter misery as a result of someone choosing not to be with me, I would have never discovered nor truly appreciated the people that choose to be with me no matter what; through thick and thin.

In September 2015, my heart was broken for the third time in my life. No heartbreak is ever quite the same as every single love is different. I spent every night for a month drinking glasses, sometimes bottles of Moscato on my cushioned couch, in my beautiful Point Piper apartment, gazing out onto the lights surrounding Sydney harbour, right before sobbing myself to sleep. I had it all yet I was acting as though I had nothing. I was pitying myself, blaming myself, for something I had absolutely no control over. It was almost exactly a month to the day when I had a strong realisation. A realisation that I’ve had before but can lose sight of quite quickly if I wear my heart on my sleeve. I had realised that my happiness should never be dependent on anybody else.
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Why was I allowing the decisions of someone else affect the way I felt each and every day I woke up? As soon as I began to appreciate that only I can dictate how I feel and only I have the ability to tailor my life to how I want it, I started to feel better, better than I’ve ever felt and happier than I’ve ever been.

How do I do it? How do I tackle each and every obstacle that comes my way and come out on top without falling into a heap? Allow me to try and help you learn how to truly make lemonade out of lemons.

Let’s start off with,

1. The importance of the company you keep.

The people you allow to be part of your life should only benefit you. For example, a friend should be someone who you can support but who also supports you when you need it most. A friend is not someone who kicks you while you’re down, but instead lends you a hand to help you up. In high school, I learned very quickly that people who insult your appearance and your character will only bring negative and unwanted energy into your life. Why let the actions of one person turn your smile into sadness? If they aren’t bringing positive thoughts and memories into your life then they aren’t needed. Cut away the people that seep into your mind like poison, and keep the people who act as a cure, fixing your problems and making you a better, healthier person.

2. Say yes.

The word ‘no’ is such a negative word, whilst it is necessary to keep you from dangerous situations, it also allows you to hide away from opportunities as they arise. If you went your whole life saying no, eventually people will stop asking, opportunities will stop presenting themselves and your life will remain at a standstill, with nothing new, nothing exciting to help move it forward. I learnt very quickly that while I was comfortable staying at home, watching the same show, eating the same food.. I was bored. I was repeating the same actions everyday, and even though it was simple it most certainly was not satisfying. So I decided to start saying yes, and to not let the constraints of money or time or travel impact my decisions. You only have one life, so what’s the use of letting all those factors determine how well you live it? Say yes! As soon as I stopped wallowing in my own self pity and picked myself up, I began a journey, venturing into what I recall as the best months of my life (thus far).

‘Come back to ours for some drinks.’
‘Let’s go out for a Sunday sesh.’
‘Festival in two weeks time. You in?’
‘Party at a friend of a friends on Australia Day. Come along.’
‘Ready for the best time of your life?’

Yes.  Yes.  Yes. Yes. YES!

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 6.38.26 PM

The beauty of life is that it is exactly what you make of it. You may have been dealt a rough hand or two, but to let that get you down would be a waste. I have seen people surrounded by loved ones, showered in affection and attention, yet they choose to get upset because they stumped their toe on a table and ‘nothing ever goes their way.’ Don’t be that person. Be the person who trips over, breaks their nose on the cork floor and laughs because ‘it’ll make for a funny story.’

Doesn’t that sound a heck of a lot better than pitying yourself? You and only you can choose how you react to each situation, so instead of letting your emotions weigh you down, allow them to lift you up and make light of every situation. After all, there is at least one positive to come out of each negative occurrence; you just have to decide what that is.


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