Checking in & Jetting off

June 6, 2016


This post is just to check in with y’all, and let you know what’s happening over the next few months! CUE EXCITEMENT!!

It’s officially less than 1 month before we jet off to Indonesia for some much needed SUN! We are both super excited to bring you some incredible content in the coming months and we are so lucky it has all worked out the way it has.

Don’t you love it when everything just falls into place? It has certainly been the case with our upcoming adventure! We both knew at the beginning of this year that we were both going to go to Bali at some stage in 2016, and it just so happens that our plans aligned completely! (Thank you universe!)

So for the first few weeks of July, we will both be frolicking on the island of the gods! Court will be living it up with her fam and Mim will be loving it up with her boy, then we are kicking them out (soz not soz) and having a week to focus on Uninhibited, hopefully meeting a few amazing people, seeing some amazing things and bringing you some amazing stories! (Dare me to say amazing one more time?) We will then will be catching up with other friends, and no doubt bringing you more content to feast your eyes on (and make you jealous).

We have both travelled to Bali previously, but this time around we want to take the path less travelled and maybe even show you some things you might not have seen before. I guess all will be revealed in a few weeks! Wooooooo!

So Mia (sadly) returns to Australia at the end of July and will be running Uninhibited as per usual, bringing you interviews and stories from far and wide! However! Court, (who definitely got the better end of the stick!) is continuing on from Indonesia to Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and everywhere between! (Yes, can confirm, Mia is very jealous). So Court will be updating us with her travelling experiences as she goes, which will be so incredible, and of course, she will be bringing it to us in a real, raw and uninhibited format, no frills! Court is going to be documenting a very real insight into travelling these regions, the good, the bad and the ugly!

In the mean-time we have a few new interviews and stories in the making so stay tuned!

Also, please, please please contact us if you have any ideas of people, places or things we should be covering on our travels! Especially in Bali. We want to bring you content you will love! Suggestions are encouraged!!

Love, love love!
Mim & Court xxx

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