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5 things I take for granted in Australia

August 21, 2016

I have officially been away from home for one month (crazy, I know!) and those dreaded homesick thoughts have officially started to creep in! Now before you jump to crazy conclusions that I have already booked a flight home, DON’T STRESS. I’m talking about those little moments in a day over seas when you think “Damn, I could really just go some smashed Avo on toast like I have at home!” or “If only I could just jump in my car and not have to haggle a price with a tuk tuk (a Sri Lankan taxi) driver.”

Yes I know… I have it pretty bloody easy if they are my current “problems” 😉

But my point is, one of those moments got me thinking about how lucky I am to live in the country that I do. I’m not going to to try to tell you that Australia is the best country on the planet, because each country has their strengths and their downfalls. But being overseas has taught me, (even if only for 1 month so far) is that there are SO many awesome aspects about livin’ in Aus that I, and we all, naturally take for granted. So I thought why not compile my top ones so far, in hope to remind my fellow Aussies and anyone else who can relate, how lucky we really are!




After having to buy gallons of bottled water, for everything from drinking to brushing your teeth, I have definitely learnt to have a strong appreciation for the incredible access we have to safe tap water at home. The fact you can just go to any tap to quench your thirst, be it the kitchen sink or garden…really is quite insane when you think about it!


(Sorry what!? Can someone confirm if this is a thing?!)


Standing in the middle of any humid, busy, motorbike fumed third world street, you really miss being able to suck in a big gulp of crisp Aussie air, (you know, those moments on Sunday arvo in summer, when the air is sweetened with the faint smell of freshly cut grass or the pure ocean breeze of the coast?) Look I could be exaggerating, BUT it’s a known fact that us Aussies have it pretty good with our air quality compared to other parts of the world. (Yes China, I’m looking at you ;))




On a serious note…After visiting much more conservative countries such as Java, Lombok and now Sri Lanka, I have come to realise how lucky us Aussie chicks are to wear what ever we want and pursue a life that we choose without strong male dominance in our life decisions or general life path. Not to mention being able to walk around at night without feeling like a complete target or piece of meat as oppose to a PERSON. (I also want to make clear now, that I am talking from MY own personal experiences living in Aus, and I understand that I cannot generalise all of “Australia’s” or other country’s ways of life nor can I say that All Australian men are perfect and never disrespect women, because quite frankly that would be just plain ignorant) Phew.. Just thought I’d clear that one up.


Woman carrying shopping bags


I’m sure all you frequent Bali goers can relate to this one. After the initial “Holy shit I can choose what I pay for something!” novelty wears off, having to negotiate a price for everything you need to purchase can get pretty exhausting. Not to mention never knowing if the price you pay is “cheap” or a compete rip off lol (we have allllll been there.) You would be lying if sometimes you didn’t wish you could just have that familiar sense of security with country-wide set price standards.




Though you Darwinians and other tropical Aussies out there won’t relate to this one, one thing I have missed is the variation of weather in a day! In Melbourne, we have a very distinct summer, winter, Autumn and Spring! In these tropical climates, a day varies from hot, steamy, humid and a slightly cooled humid in the morning & afternoon. Now I could totally live without winter, (I am a water baby though and through) but all I’m sayin’ is that every now and then it would be nice to rug up and have a hot milo by the fire!!




Now before you roll your eyes, I know it has been drilled into us “How lucky we are to even have the opportunity to go to school, and we should never whinge or take it for granted” (not that that ever stopped us from whining about waking up every morning!) But! One thing about hearing how other countries experience education has taught me, is that we actually ARE so freaking lucky with all the opportunities we have, and how they are all within one country. Where this personally really sunk in for me, was this lil’ reality check i’ll

PHOTO SERIES: There’s just something about a sunrise

August 14, 2016


After a 1am wake up and a long walk up to “King Kong” view point in Mount Bromo, East Java, I found myself standing amongst a sea of other tourists. With appearance and a variety of cultural norms, naturally setting us apart from one another, I found it so fascinating that though all these people were from such different corners of the world, we were all brought together to this exact spot, at this exact time, for the exact same reason.

To watch the sun, rise.


It just got me thinking how sick is it that no matter where you are in the world, no matter who you are or what you believe in, when you bring yourself back to the simplicities of life, there is no barrier or “differences” that unnaturally divide us. Without even knowing one thing about one another, we knew we shared a fascination and mesmerisation of the sun rising and setting.

The sun is universal, laughter is universal, a smile… Universal. No language barrier can stop us from connecting on the one thing we all share, this freaking beautiful world we live in.

Please scroll on and enjoy the first of our travel photo series… “There’s just something about sunrise” We have attempted to capture the mesmerising Indonesian sun rising and setting in all its glory! (not that photos ever give it justice!)



IMG_2126 IMG_2153 IMG_2249 IMG_2250 IMG_2251

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


Isn’t it funny that the sun rises and sets EVERY DAY, yet it never seises to amaze?

We hope you have enjoyed our first post in our up and coming travel photo series! As all you travellers out there will know, sometimes experiences are better expressed through an image, rather than endless explanations. (As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words! 😉 ) We have created the photo series to give you guys a simpler insight to our experiences as well as a brief glimpse into our deeper thoughts along the way!

Love, Court & Mim xxx

Eating my way through Bali

July 28, 2016

Hello beautiful people!

Well to set the scene for you, I’ve been back for 3 days, I’m wearing 3 jumpers and the minimum temperature today was 3 degrees, now who the hell said good things come in threes?!

So aside from seeing the people I love, I’m not overly excited to be back in Melbourne, but I guess one of us has to hold down the fort.

Being in Indonesia for the last month was such a wonderful and rejuvenating experience.

The first half of the trip was spent with my boyfriend Rob, we covered some miles and had the best damn time together, as we always do!

Eating is one of the passions Rob and I share and take very seriously,  (‘cause hey is he really your boyfriend if he doesn’t whole heartedly support adding a side of macaroni and cheese balls to your Bossman Burger order?)

I know you can look anywhere on le interwebs for the best food and restaurants in Bali, but I was so bloody impressed by this food I had to put my two cents in.

The beauty of eating in Bali is that it’s world class and it’s bloody affordable. I believe that EVERYONE should be able to experience the joys of food, and this place allows your average Joe and Josephines like us a taste of the high life.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.46.46 am



Restaurant/Cafe –  Sacred Ground, Legian

Dish – Smashed Avo

Court will back me up, I was bloody impressed and obsessed with this and  I ate it 4 mornings in a row. Avocado mashed with mint, coriander, feta and lemon juice all piled high on fresh pumpkin bread with an (extra) poached egg on the side. Day – YUM.


Cafe One-O (Legian)

Crate Cafe (Canggu)

Cafe Organic (Seminyak)


Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.46.59 am



Restaurant/Cafe – Sea Circus (Seminyak)

Dish – Calamari with soy and red chilli

We raved about this soooo hard, I may have even dreamt about it. Fresh, perfectly cooked calamari in a light crispy batter with sweet soy, mmmhmmm drool-worthy. Wash it down with a Mumma’s Mojito (and add in a cheeky shot of voddy or rum cause it’s technically on the mocktail list) The quesadillas were also fab.


Pizza place on the Gili’s  (I can’t remember the name, sorry! it’s on the beach and it has some sick lounges out the front, just try every seafood pizza on the island till you find the holy grail.)

Any club sanga on from any beach front bar!

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.47.11 am


Ok I can’t decide the best so I’ll tell you them all –

Kilo – (Seminyak) I was lucky enough to be taken here by my Dad who happened to be in Bali for a week of my trip! Such amazing food and the flavour combinations are so unique. I highly recommend the Squid Ink Rice and the Watermelon & Chicken dish (weird and wonderful).

Motel Mexicola – (Seminyak)  Get the 20 dollar banquet (but watch for the taxes, more exxy than we thought!) The Esquites entree and the Pork Belly main are a gift from the gods!

Petitenget – (Petitenget) So beautiful! Five star, fine dining on a budget. We had the seafood platter with baby potatoes and coconut rice (the complimentary bread rolls are also divine).


La Favela – (Seminyak) Great, but small serves and a little bit expensive by Bali standards, go there for a drink though! Such an amazing place to see!

Fat Bowl – (Legian) We had the scallops and they blew my mind, we also had the Tandoori Naan dish and the Vietnamese sliders.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.00.54 pm


Bossman Burgers (Seminyak) – Greasy, cheesy goodness and bad-ass vibes! I had the Original Gangster and Rob had the Kim-Chi burger SO bloody good, AND they deliver AND they’re open til 1am, drunk burg anyone?

Circle K Goodies – (Every 50 metres, anywhere in Bali) Pringles, Pocari Sweat, Hazelnut Tim Tams and Cookies and Cashew chocolate. You know you want it.


Yes, I ate a lot and no, I have no regrets.

Mim xxx


SUBMISSION: Tales of the Great Ocean Road

June 16, 2016


A few weeks ago our mailbox went ping! And we were introduced to a lovely soul named Nicola Anderson.  Nicola had just arrived home from a year of travelling and was lucky enough to take the windy trip down Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. Originally from Ottawa, Canada, Nicola spent her time away working as a Yoga teacher and capturing moments on her film camera. Only living around a two hour drive from the Great Ocean Road ourselves, we were intrigued to see our beautiful country through a “tourists” eyes! Nicola has managed to combine all things we love here at Uninhibited, being the coast, road trips, photography, and that oh-so contagious sense of discovery and adventure! Nicola’s words, memories and photos were too beautiful not to share with you all, so head below and let Nicola’s piece take your mind on it’s own lil’ road trip 😉

Tales of the Great Ocean Road


I am back in Canada now, writing this from my kitchen table drinking a cup of drip coffee, staring out the window. It’s the beginning of summer here, it’s been two months since I’ve arrived back home, and sometimes I wonder if my year and two months in Australia was all a dream.
Did all of that really happen?


The Great Ocean Road is a place I had wanted to explore before leaving my time in Melbourne. My friend at the time had never been either, so we rented a car and decided to make the coastal road trip together. Sometimes in relationships things so don’t always pan out how you had expected, which is an inevitable part of life. But no matter what changes there always remain those moments in time that stay perfectly intact. The adventures that you can look back on and say, that was a really great time. This particular road trip was one of them.

The day we began our two day adventure it was raining, and at the peak of winter in Victoria and the wind was a bitter cold. But we drove on anyways. There is something about coastal road trips that I absolutely love. The year prior my dad and I drove Highway 101 down the California coast, past steep cliffs and cozy coastal towns. While any coastline provides a familiar nostalgic feeling, when we encountered a large kangaroo eating in the middle of a roundabout I remembered that no, we weren’t back in California — this was the Australian coast.


We picked a really great day to explore. The cold, rainy weather meant there were less tourists. Once we passed the giant sign that marks the beginning of The Great Ocean Road, the stormy weather began to clear. It was kind of surreal at one moment, we pulled over to take a closer look at something that was moving in the water. To our surprise it was a huge whale breaching the surface, slapping it’s fins on the water almost as if to say hello. We kept driving, and saw a couple of rainbows, even a double rainbow. It was magnificent! You can see in one of the photographs, a rainbows ends above a giant golden looking rock, resemblant to a pot of gold. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a leprechaun hiding in that photo, too.


A little further down the road there was an abandoned barn, off in the distance in a muddy field, behind a wild garden of yellow daffodils. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to jump the barbed wire fence but we did anyways. No harm was caused other than collecting mud on the soles of our shoes, and I knew it would make for some photos with the best light.



We continued driving. The Twelve Apostles are located off the shoreline of Port Campbell National Park, and I was excited to finally see them in person. This section of the drive is a hub for tourists, as expected, but it’s one of the most photographed places in Australia for good reason. The limestone stacks hold your attention, it’s hard to explain the feeling you get looking out at this view, it was beautiful.


The ocean views from this trip are cemented into my memory. In hindsight, it’s also that sense of adventure and feeling of being so alive that flood back to me. While I feel very lucky to be able to share travel experiences like this one, I hope you get the chance to explore to.

Coastal road trips are seldom a bad idea. If you feel the ocean calling, pulling at your heartstrings, please! You must go.



To see more of Nicola’s work head here!

Does Nicola’s vibe really resonate with yours? Well get in touch! Collaborate, chat, share work, or anything in between! We promise she doesn’t bite! Chuck her an email at

If YOU would like to submit anything to – words, pictures, rants, your art, your music …anything really! Please head to our Connect With Us page. We love hearing from anyone out there who are just sharing their passion and love for what they are doing, and of course we would be stoked for Uninhibited to be the platform of which they express it!


Court & Mim


Ready To Get Rad

February 17, 2016

Well here we are, officially immersed in the blogging world! Lots of googling, trial and error and many hours spent with square eyes has got us here, but hey we’ve started and they say that’s often the hardest part.

In early January, while we were both in our separate caravans on separate sides of the bay, the power that is social media drew us both towards a little old instagram account called @donttellsummer and their new conference/festival/extravaganza #RadLivin which was to be held in Sydney, on a weekend in February.

#RadLivin sells itself as “A unique event made to inspire you to do what you love now. Speakers, live Music and rad like-minded people coming together to get inspired, share their dreams and celebrate livin’ life to the raddest.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 11.16.12 PM

I don’t know who told who first, but immediately we knew it was an opportunity not to be missed. Soon enough we found out it was being held in Sydney, which at first came as a bit of a shock to us Melbournians, but thankfully we both agreed it was a rare chance that neither kilometers nor money could hold us back from!

#Radlivin is playing host to a selection of inspiring individuals, such as surf photographer Cait Miers, founders of Pedestrian TV Oscar & Mike, Editor in Chief of Tidal Magazine Jess Abraham and lots more.
Inspirational speakers, live tunes by one of our faves Ziggy Alberts, cold bevs and hundreds of like-minded #rad people sharing one big space. What more could you want?

This was the push we needed. We emptied our piggy banks, searched under couch cushions and in the laundry for gold coins (yes, we may have the dream but we don’t got the moolah, especially in Jan when the beach is calling us!) and rustled up the money for a ticket each.

With that purchase came the motivation to start getting stuck into it. We already knew what we wanted to do, but we didn’t want to go to #RadLivin without having something to show off ourselves, so it became our goal to have our blog and our vision established before then.

It is now the 18th of February and we are just 2 days out till the big day! Sacrificed Saturdays, and vodka cranberry cut backs brought us our plane ticket and our accommodation (thank god for tiger airways and backpackers hey!) and we are almost ready to get on our merry way.

On Saturday we are hoping we to schmooze the day away with the speakers and performers and see if any of their talent and success rubs off on us! As well as networking and hopefully making a few new friends with the other attendees.

We will be blogging about #RadLivin and our Sydney trip so stay tuned on here and on our instagram! You’ll get all the juicy details.

Sometimes you’ve got to just take a risk so you can get to where you want to go, even if you don’t know exactly where that is, and even if you’re broke.

We are not financial advisors, but hey why not buy the ticket and see what happens. Work a little harder, save your pennies and see where your ticket, (or equivalent) takes you.

For more information on #RadLivin head to

Love C & M xxx