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December 13, 2017

After watching and connecting with so many inspiring creatives rolling through the blog over the past 2 or so years, I thought it was about time I (Court) started using this space to share some more of my own photography! You can now find my work over at it’s own little Insta @courtneyblythephotography , and of course right here! “Meet Me At The Laundry Mat” is a series about that youthful flow of days spent confused and dazed.

MUSE: ANISA MAHAMA // @anisa_xo


October 4, 2017

“Why South Aus? It’s the middle of winter, surely you’d go East chasing the warmth.”

For a second I thought yeah why the hell are we going to South Aus? In the end we did know nothing about it. All I new is that I had lived in Adelaide for a year or so when I was just a bub. So can’t say that counts.

It’s like the underdog of Australian States & Territories, but that’s why we chose it. We had one week of uni hols free, so we decided to borrow my grandpa’s old work van, leave the Eastern suburbs of Melbs for a while and head South.

What we discovered was some pretty gorgeous places. Bright green rolling hills, deserted beaches (thank-you winter), rugged coastlines & coloured lakes.

Head below to see for yourself. I’ve made sure to mention each spot in the caption in case you want to make your way down South any time soon.

Love Court x

P.S I had some of my main images published over at Summersite with a bit of a story to go with so you can also check that owwwwt here. (BUT below you get a much more intimate version of the trip! 😉 )

Images starring my girl Ruby Ryan @rubyr111


September 27, 2017

Wondering where we’ve been? Same. Among uni and work that has been taking up the majority of or time, I (Mia) recently went on a trip to Thailand WOO! Here’s a quick look at the two weeks my BF Rob and I spent in the land of smiles. And yes! I bought a DRONE baby. For anyone wondering – it’s a DJI Spark, and it’s wonderful! Hopefully will have a lot more content for your eyes once the weather gets warmer. ENJOY xxx



FILM: 6 months, in 5 minutes

August 14, 2017

I have finally got around to sharing this video on the blog! So I decided to collate all the little travel snippets I took with my Nikon AW1 whilst backpacking last year. If anything I hope it inspires you to just get out there and push aside the narrow-minded opinions we have of other countries that so often impact our travel plans, or lack of.

We began in tropical Indo for one month, making our way to the gorgeously diverse Sri Lanka for another month. We then moved through the calm South of India working our way to the crazy North,  finally crossing the border to Nepal where we trekked past the once-in-a-lifetime-views of the Annapurna Circuit.

Make sure to click HD for the best qual !

Music: Taro – Alt J

Millennial Anxiety

June 16, 2017

I have been feeling really uneasy the past few days, and I couldn’t exactly put my finger on why. I’m on uni holidays, I can choose how I spend my days, there’s nothing obviously “stressful” going on in my life right now, why would I be feeling uptight or anxious?

But then it hit me.

It was my millennial anxiety.

Goodbye Crazy May

June 8, 2017

CATCHYA MAY MADNESS and a big hello to a much calmer, less busy, less stressful June (hopefully.)

Wow. We actually can’t believe it’s been a whole month since we have posted! We can’t be the only ones who had the most hectic month right? With the typical end-of-semester assignment rush and constant flow of calender-bursting-life-stuff (oh and just quietly, Mim turning 21!!!) Uninhibited sadly suffered a bit of neglect.

Is Happiness really that simple?

April 10, 2017

Imagine if you fell in love with yourself and the life you’ve created?

The best part about it is that you are in full control of both, meaning you can decide to be happy at any moment. YOU are the one in control, and YOU are the one who knows best, right?

It’s not that easy I bet your thinking. But why not? We overthink, overcomplicate and over analyse life on such a level that our simplest needs for survival get lost in the process.

Why rely on falling in love with someone else to be happy? How could you leave such a necessity to happiness in the hands of the universe?