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November 22, 2017

Melbourne three-piece The Rollercanes are back with the third single from their upcoming album, ‘Morning Show’ and before we go any further, go and add this track to your ‘Summer Roady’ or ‘Bevs n’ BBQs’ playlists on Spotify STAT.

Upon opening up the link to listen to this track for the first time, the songs caption reads: “ We don’t really write serious songs, but this is kind of a serious song” this had me curious at first, had the band I loved for their riff-heavy, garage rock and tongue in cheek lyrics gone straight edge? Well never fear, they haven’t! Although they do seem to have come a long way from the girl troubles on their 2015 EP ‘Fame Doesn’t Want You’. Morning Show is a change of pace for the band. An outward look at the world we live in today, in all it’s fucked up, ratings focused glory.

Lead singer and guitarist Dan Wright says the song was born out of frustration.

“It’s about how certain ‘news’ shows try to pit people against each other for the sake of a story. The ‘morning show’ reference is a bit of dig at one particular incident last year. I didn’t realise I was writing this kind of song until about halfway through the process. I don’t want to be one of those ‘serious’ writers who acts like we’re doomed all the time, so…apologies.”

(We’ll forgive ya Dan, as long as you keep writing songs as bangin’ as this one!)

Musically, the track has the same distorted guitar, thumping bass and headbang-worthy drums the band are known and loved for, while serving up some warm, pop undertones that don’t seem to have been explored by the band before. We especially love drummer Josh Tucker and bassist Ryan Laughlin’s backing vocals in the chorus and cannot wait to sing along with them at their next gig!

Dan says this track is a case of the band giving themselves more freedom to let their songs take their own shape, rather focusing on making music with a particular sound.

The Rollercanes are the real deal, a band who are doing the hard slog and going from strength to strength with every release. We can’t wait to see what’s next for these blokes and especially can’t wait to get our mitts on their debut album which is set to be released early next year.

Morning Show is being released via Main Offender Records on the 24th of November on all digital music stores.


Upcoming gigs:

Saturday 9th of December – Supporting Dal Santo at Ding Dong Lounge (Melbourne)

Sunday 17th December – Supporting Peach Fur at The Tote (Melbourne)

For more upcoming shows, news, and shenanigans head to The Rollercanes Facebook page.

Images by Briannagh O’Loughlin




October 13, 2017

REIKA, have this week announced their new track ‘BOI’ and boi are we excited!

‘BOI’ is the first taste of REIKA’s  music since their 2016 EP ‘The Other Night’ and it’s got all the good stuff, including sleazy, fuzz-heavy guitars and a tongue in cheek nod to all the smashed avo loving, bearded hipsters out there. 


September 11, 2017

Last Friday whilst Mia was off groovin’ to her boyfriend’s band REIKA  (more on them in the coming weeks) I was groovin’ at the Corner Hotel amongst a sold out Ocean Alley gig. If their delicious psych-reggae rhythms weren’t enough, (oh and gorgeous surfy locks) I also had the pleasure of hearing one of their support acts, a band by the name of SUN.

Fresh on the scene with their new release ‘Seasons‘, these boys had the crowd hooked and in the mood for a good time! (Not to mention there were multiple murmurs of “These guys are fucken’ sick!!” around the room!) They have a contagious mellow vibe and their groovy beat keeps you up and about whilst feeling like you’re drifting deep into another dimension.


September 4, 2017


No we aren’t trying to pick you up, but if we were, this is the EP we’d use to do it.

The Sand Dollars are a band that you’re going to want to show your mates and their new EP ‘I Like The Look Of Your Sweater, Can I Have Your Number’ is 50 shades of damn cool if you ask us. 

PSA: So Fresh on Spotify

March 20, 2017

Okay so if you grew up in Australia in the 2000’s you probably had one of these bad boys in your CD rack. If you didn’t you missed out and can thank us later for enlightening you to the musical JOY that comes with listening to a So Fresh compilation CD.

Songs for Spring

October 5, 2016

We may be a month into spring but these songs have been getting me in the mood, so I thought I’d share. 

This is a collection of Spring-time songs are for smelling the roses, dancing around the house in your undies on a sunday, filling your nostrils with the smell of a freshly mowed lawn, early mornings in crisp white sheets, watching  the face of someone you love and whatever else you can think of! Treat yo ears!