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June 14, 2017


“Until this is embedded into every single school (9820) across Australia, we’re not getting taken off our path. 3 minutes of Mindful Breathing to start the day”

Remember our interview with the Bodhi & Kat of the Breathe Project !? Well they have just launched this awesome short story about their mission. Make sure to spread the word and support them as they strive to break Australia’s out-dated school system for the better. #justbreathe

 For more info on The Breathe Project head to our interview with couple behind it all HERE !


Eye on Zali Rae

October 24, 2016

We were recently lucky enough to get inside the mind of fellow millennium child Zali Rae. Zali is a total all rounder and a woman who wears many hats, this post is only a glimpse into the whirlwind of art this girl is producing. Zali Rae is one to watch!

Protect Yo’ Self With Stuff By Fred

July 2, 2016


Forget Frank Body, meet Fred!


Stuff by Fred is an up and coming Australian made sunscreen that “stops you looking like a smoked kabana after catching some rays.” The difference? Though the fred logo looks like the cousin of the monopoly and pringles guy, it’s what’s on the inside that counts right? And boy does it count!

Fred only contains ingredients “that you can spell, pronounce and taste” making it one of the rare, completely organic sunscreens on our shelves. Not only will your body thank you for choosing to go natural, the oceans will too! Fred is certified SPF 20+ and brewed together using zinc oxide, coconut oil, beeswax, and cocoa butter.

Wow we are starting to sound like an advert. We promise there is no deal between us and Fred, just genuine stoke about the stuff!

The effortlessly cool approach to sun care has allowed Fred to lead the fight in ditching the lame stigma around wearing sunscreen, which was actually their main stand out point when we came across the brand. In a country obsessed with sunshine and skin cancer skyrocketing, we think Fred is exactly what Australia needs.

We love their laid back, humorous approach to any suspicions around quality compared to their non-organic counterparts claiming “if this stuff can keep Fred’s freckly face from looking like a ripe tomato, then it will keep pretty much anyone safe.”

Stuff By Fred sunscreen came as a breath of fresh air, as a young brand that is so open to share with you their ingredients and intentions. Crazy talk in today’s world, we know! 😉

Now, who is this mysterious Fred we speak of? Head below to meet the man behind the freckles and of course get all the oozy details on the creation of “Stuff By Fred.”

The question I’m sure everyone is wondering… who is this mysterious Fred?

I’m Fred. G’day. Nice to nose ya. In the past, some have called me part mad-scientist. Some have called me a part environmentalist. Some have called me a freckle face from outta space… But I just see myself as a bit of a thinker, bit of a tinkerer, a surfer and a ginger. A knock-about, everyday bloke who simply wants to make sure you, me and all of our mates can live it up and lap it up outdoors with the confidence that we are protected in a healthy, friendly way.


What does a day in the life of Fred look like?

I do my best to live a fairly simple life. I’m not much a fan of the hustle and bustle of the big smoke so I like to keep it small town local. Like I said above I love to surf, so my mornings usually involve a surfcheck accompanied by a warm cuppa-Joe. The conditions have to be pretty horrible to stop me from heading out so after some carpark chatter, I’ll wax my board, spread some of my Friendly Bronze Zinc Stuff on my mellon and paddle out. Once I’m back on shore it’s down to business. Out to the Fred Shed (as I’ve named it) to start tinkering and experimenting. I’ve got big plans, plenty more ideas and bucket loads more Friendly Skincare Stuff to brew. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you guys posted when it’s all ready to spread.

Ok, so what are the ingredients?

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 8.59.46 PM
My Friendly Bronze Zinc Stuff is brewed together using goodies like zinc oxide, coconut oil, beeswax, and cocoa butter. I wanted to make sure the ingredients I used didn’t require Google search. My goal was to use products I could spell, pronounce and even taste! And as a true blue Aussie (even though i’m a more red) it had to be 100% Australian made.

Why did you choose to go au naturale?

Without bashing you with too much enviro-stuff (I could honestly go on forever), most of these big brand sunscreens we see on supermarket shelves contain chemical filters. Stuff that we absorb into our skin and use to scatter the sun’s UV rays once they run into us down here on earth. And although they claim to protect us, they are actually causing a bunch of issues on the inside. Sun protection is completely possible via the good this earth has to offer. Why not use em?

How have you used social media to support Stuff By Fred?

Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, twitter…who can bloody keep up. To be honest, I don’t know the difference between a tweet and a poke but l do my best to put a few things out there and have a bit of a yarn. For me, social media has been a way to share a few bits and bobs and hopefully educate a few of my friends along the way. At the end of the day, if I can share some of my knowledge, answer some questions and provide a bit of value for my mates online, then I’m a happy camper.

Fred Insta

Now with all those squeezy bottles out there, what made you go the screw-top, tub option?

It’s all about convenience. You don’t want something big or bulky to cart around, especially if you’re a woman or man on the go like me. My jars of Stuff By Fred are small enough to throw in your pocket and take it wherever your day might take you. Down the beach, to the footy, frisbee in the park, or just cruising the streets…simply throw my Friendly Bronze Zinc Stuff it in your pocket or bag and you’re good to go. Oh, and an added bonus and you never worry about it popping open and squirting all over you or your gear either.

fred in bike

Australia is not just a sunburnt country, we also have one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, what does being sun smart and taking care of your skin mean to Fred?

You’re right, Australians are no strangers to a scorcher. Personally having skin that burns faster than a prawn on a hotplate, I know what it’s like to go redder than a ripe tomato after just a short amount of time in the rays. Unfortunately for us, we are sitting right near that big old hole in that protective layer we call the Ozone, and because of that we are in some serious strife. During summer, Australians are exposed to an extra 15% UV intensity compared to Europeans, causing us to suffer the highest rates of skin cancer globally, like you said. One person will die every six hours from melanoma in Australia with rates doubling in the last 15 years. And the worst part of all this… it’s completely preventable. If you going out into the sun, you gotta be protected. The old slip, slop, slap slogan had it right. How hard is it to throw on a t-shirt, whip on a hat and zinc up ya mellon? It could be a matter of life and death.


What made you start up a sunscreen business?

Like I said before, It’s wasn’t uncommon for me to look like a baked lobster after a day in the sun, but I love the outdoors too much, so I needed a safe solution. I found myself brewing my own home-grown sun protection. A mix something that was friendly and something I could trust. My goal was to use ingredients I could spell, pronounce and even taste. Offering an alternative to most of the creams on supermarket shelves. My other motivation was that as a surfer, we spend a lot of time under the sun doing our thing in the ocean. Now call me crazy, but if the most common protection we have against the sun is loaded with chemicals that are destructive to not only us, but the ocean we love and cherish…something’s very wrong. So the result… Stuff By Fred’s – Friendly Bronze Zinc Stuff. Australian made, friendly bronze zinc, brewed together using only the friendliest ingredients available. Certified at SPF 20+, if this stuff can keep me from looking like a smoked sausage, then it will keep pretty much anyone safe.


What’s the go with SPF?

Although we seem to stand by these numbers, SPF ain’t what it seems. SPF or Sun Protection Factor isn’t simply a sliding scale for UV protection. The truth is, SPF30 isn’t actually twice as good as SPF15 as we are lead to believe. The scale actually refers to the amount of time it will take you to burn with protection vs the amount of time it would take you to burn without. As SPF values get higher and higher, the difference in this protection factor actually gets smaller and smaller. SPF10 = 90% > SPF20 = 95% > SPF30 = 97% > SPF50 = 98% My mate Sean Gray over at the EWG (Environmental Working Group) says the difference between an SPF 50 product and and SPF 110 product is minuscule. Sean actually believes that these high rated SPF numbers can actually be dangerous. “We have studies that show that people who use the higher SPF products don’t re-apply, so they end up with more UV exposure overall.” At certified SPF20 Stuff By Fred’s Friendly Bronze Zinc Stuff was able to avoid using a number of chemicals and toxins that should be steered clear of. This means you are protected from 95% of UVA and UVB rays in a healthy, friendly way.

We love how you explain all the sciency stuff in such a relatable, easy to comprehend way. It is also slightly an excuse to ask you, what is the Oxybenzone you speak of, and how does it affect our oceans!?


Yep. The big bad Oxybenzone. This sucker is found in 80% of supermarket sunscreens. It penetrates our skin, is absorbed into the bloodstream and can potentially lead to allergic reactions, cell damage, hormone imbalances and in worst cases; skin cancer. Crazy right? And not only is it messing with us, it’s messing with the ocean, the fish and the coral reefs too. Oxybenzone causes a deadly effect on the ocean’s coral by bleaching it and blocking it from getting the nutrients it needs to survive. Worst of all, we are dumping somewhere between 4000-6000 tonnes of this crap onto coral reef areas each year. This is a big problem. But the buck doesnt stop there, like many chemical filters, Oxybenzone only protects from UVB rays and not UVA. UVB is the one that makes us go red and look like a baked lobster, but UVA is the one that has been linked to causing skin cancer, premature aging and wrinkles in our skin. Long story short, make sure you pick suncare that is “Broad Spectrum” which means it’s got you covered for UVA and UVB. I say boycott it!

If you don’t mind us asking, what is the price you have to pay to take Fred home? Wow. That came across weird, apologies.

Far out brussel sprout. What kind of website is this? Well, I couldn’t go past The Aussie Lobster could I? It fits too perfectly. If you ask me, $20 bucks to save ya schnoz is pretty bloody good and depending on what kinda #Fredhead you work with (all over the mellon, the off the lip combo or just zinc on the sniffer), one jar can last you the season.


Putting the laughs aside for a moment, what has been the toughest part of creating Stuff By Fred?

Stuff By Fred is a passion game for me, so as much as the whole thing has been a serious learning curve, it’s been a bloody fun one. There’s been up’s and down’s, triumphs and tragedies…and a lot of hard yakka. Who knew you had to think about branding, and trademarking, and packaging, and marketing, and websites, and social media, and storage and shipping…the list goes on. Starting and running a business is a marathon, but it’s one I don’t want to end. I’ve put blood, sweat and tears into each and every one of those little jars (not literally…although it would still be natural) and every time I send one off in the mail or see someone down the beach spreading some of my Friendly Bronze Zinc Stuff it puts a giant smile on my freckled face.

Is there any talk of Stuff By Fred branching off and creating a different range of …stuff?

Well, I like to say is, the future looks bright…pardon the pun…And without giving too much away you can expect a few more chemical free suncare products churning out of the old Fred Shed this summer. I’ve got big plans for this little brand so hold onto your’e hats. Haha. Cheers. Fred. Now you don’t have to go red due to sunburn orrrrrr embarrassment (yes mum I’m wearing sunscreen….) because Fred’s got you covered with it’s organic, insta-worthy tub of goodness. Oh.. and make sure to #SpreadtheFred!

Is there any plans to launch overseas?

As far as I’m concerned, suncare is a global issue. That big ball of fire in the sky we call the sun affects us all and protection and prevention should be a focus for everyone, regardless of where you’re from. With that in mind, my website ( is set up to service anywhere in the world. So far I’ve posted jars of my Friendly Bronze Zinc Stuff to America, Canada, France, Italy, Indonesia, New Zealand, Hawaii, South Africa and even Norway. My goal is to #SpreadtheFred as far and as wide as possible, helping people be safe and confidant outdoors.


So now you don’t have to go red due to sunburn orrrrrr embarrassment (yes mum I’m wearing sunscreen….) because Fred’s got you covered with it’s organic, insta-worthy tub of goodness. Oh.. and make sure to  #SpreadtheFred!

To get yourself a tub or to hear the odd “did you know” skincare fact head to their:

Insta: @stuffbyfred

Stuff By Fred

Hooked on Hooki Hoods

June 2, 2016


hooki hoods


Being from the Mornington Peninsula, Holly may cut being a  “local legend” a little fine. However the fact it was only a half hour drive to meet her means she is local enough in our books,  (we also frequently road trip to the Peninsula as it is our closest taste of the ocean!)

Holly is the one woman show behind a cute little hoody business called “Hooki Hoods.” Before you ask “What is so special about a hoody company?”, this is no ordinary hoody brand! Hooki Hoods are COMPLETELY CUSTOM MADE and each hoodie is hand-sewn by Holly herself, straight outa’ her bedroom!

Hooki Hoods is based in Victoria, Australia and Holly hauls her sewing machine back and forth between Dromana and the snowy mountains of Falls Creek! How is a small business like Hooki Hoods based between two areas you ask? Well! Holly is a busy lady and juggles working as an adventure guide and running Hooki Hoods while living between her snowy and seaside homes. The things we do when starting out hey!!

hooki hoods

We were lucky enough to meet up with Holly and chat over some killer green juices (shout out to Store 15 in Mornington!) and hear about where it all began! Keep reading to learn more about Hooki Hoods and Holly’s laid back approach to creating a home business!

How did Hooki Hoods begin? Where did you come up with the awesome idea for customisable hoodies?

It started when I made a hoodie for a friend for a Christmas present and he wore it in Canada, a lot of people liked it over there and were asking him about it! So that gave me motivation and made me think wow, maybe I could actually start making a couple and see how it goes! This lovely lady Leanne helped me out to make the design and backing pattern, so she was an incredible help and to be honest I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her! So that’s where it sorta began, and when i started making them  people began asking for certain things, so naturally I started customising them!

hooki hoods

How long does it usually take to make each hoodie?

I’m gonna go with four hours, usually, sometimes less depending if I really try to pump it out. I haven’t really done one from start to finish and measured the time. I usually have a few on the go at a time and do each section on all of the hoodies at the same time. I do it in patches too, I often don’t do it all in the one sitting as I’m quite an active person and don’t like sitting down for massive chunks of time!

Have you always been interested in sewing?

No! It’s so sporadic, at school I sucked at maths and science, so I just stuck to the creative, artsy, outdoor or phys ed side of things. I did do a bit of sewing at school but it wasn’t much. Because I make the same thing over and over again it’s become easy. If someone said “Can you make me this dress” I’d be a bit like errrgh.

hooki hoods

What’s the idea behind the name “Hooki Hoods”?

Hooki hoods had a good ring to it… my names Holly… and it just flowed! So I was like yep, lets go with that! And the logo… I was just sitting there one day thinking man I love jam donuts, and thought I’m going to get someone to design me a jam donut vomiting up the jam! *laughs*

So yeah, I have this mate that I used to work with, Cal and he’s an amazing graphic designer, he does his own screen printing, and is also currently doing a tattoo apprenticeship, so an amazing drawer as you can imagine! I got him to design it for me and he just happened to throw a little crown on one of them and I was like what’s with the crown? He said he just threw it on there and I loved it! It worked with the double “o” of Hooki Hoods as well. I love the design actually…he did such a good job!

hooki hoods

What made you choose hoodies?

I made one, and then I just kept making them, it worked and people wanted them. The response I got was amazing, it was almost a bit more response than I wanted, it’s flattering, and it’s great but sometimes it’s a bit more hard work than I expected. When I have patches of no work though it’s fantastic.

Do you think Hooki Hoods will expand to a bigger business?

Probably for now I’d like to keep it on the side, I’ve just got too many interests, and too many little things I wanna do. If the point comes that I want to expand it, I would, but I dont really want to have them bulk made overseas. I like making them myself and for them to be personalised, if I was to have them made in bulk, they have to make atleast 10 of the same one, and that just goes against my grain completely, I’d also want to do it ethically. It already troubles me that some of my materials are made overseas, but at least I’m making the product.



What do you do with the rest of your time when your no making hoodies?

I’m an outdoor instructor! So I work for companies that work with schools and we take kids out hiking, mountain bike riding and stuff like that. I love doing it but it’s hard because the work is quite seasonal, unless you get a fulltime positon where you work in the office as well, I’m not ready to settle into an office job just yet though.

What’s been the biggest hurdle in starting your own business?

Probably just the time factor. Having to sit there and sew, and the time spent doing that, there’s times where it’s a rainy day and I sit inside and sew and I love it, but sitting still and sewing is probably the biggest hurdle, and the demand of when I have orders and I want to go and do other stuff. Juggling life with the hoodies is hard but it’s not too bad.

hooki hoods

hooki hoods

So how does the process with the customisable orders work?

I encourage people to message me on Facebook, that way I can monitor what I have coming in. I first send them photos of the material that I have so they can choose and then ask them if they want a hood, a pocket, my logo etc. If the patterned material can go on the sleeves I will do that,  I put an underlay of polar fleece to make it cosier, then I discuss with them what colour fleece they want, I used to just used grey and black but now I have maroon, navy and a few other colours which is really cool! I also get their height, I never used to get their height, but I made a few orders for some girls and the hoodies were way over their knees!! But luckily they were cool with it just were like “Oh no its fine its nice and comfy!” *laughs* So yeah lots and lots of trial and error and knowing peoples size is hard. I know a lot of my customers which makes it easier, but it can be really hard! Just recently, a boy I used to go to TAFE with got one, and the sleeves were way too tight! So I had to take the sleeves off and do them again, and THEN I ended up sewing one of the sleeves inside out and I was like awww man! But yeah times like that, it just comes down to trial and error but I have learnt with every mistake!

Have you had anyone from overseas order a hoody?

Yeah I have! I’ve also had people from Australia ordering them for their friends overseas! I had this guy from Ireland message me asking to get them in stores over there! So yeah It’s really cool!


hooki hoods

We hope you enjoyed hearing about Holly’s journey with Hooki Hoods so far! Its so nice to hear about the little businesses out there, and the behind the scenes of it all!

 You can follow Hooki Hoods on Instagram here and on Facebook here 








Just Breathe

May 23, 2016


Stress and anxiety is something that we have all had to deal with at some point in our lives. For us, only just having completed our final year of schooling one or two years ago here in Australia, we can really relate to the stress and uncalled for pressures that are put on our youth within the education system. Not only is it unhealthy, but it can have a serious impact on your life mentally, physically and even into the future.

However what if we told you, that stress and anxiety management didn’t have to be so complicated. What if we told you there was a technique that cost you nothing, you can use ANYWHERE and it only took 3 minutes out of your day.

Well, let us introduce to you… The Breathe Project.

Breathe ProjectThe Breathe Project is an idea conceived by the lovers, free thinkers and all round legends Kat and Bodhi! (below)

just breathe

Basically, these two love birds have stripped their lives down to the basics and set off on a Road-trip up the East Coast of Australia with the simple goal of sharing their diaphragmatic breathing technique in hope of improving the lives of thousands. Primarily aimed at youth, The Breathe Project targets schools where they host workshops with not only the students, but also the teachers, making sure the technique is continually used long after their van hits the road again. It seems we are taught many things at school, yet when it comes to basic self care there is a gap in our curriculum. The Breathe Project exists to close that gap.

Being an issue so close to our hearts and something we wish we were taught in school, when The Breathe Project’s co-founder Kat reached out to us, we new it was something we HAD to jump on board with and share. Not only did we like the work Kat and her partner Bodhi are doing, we also shared similar life views. We share a passion for living a life of your CHOICE, not a life of what you are EXPECTED or feel pressured to do. The Breathe Project couldn’t be a better fit for us here at Uninhibited.

So if you want to hear more about The Breathe Project, head below to our interview with Kat herself where we talk the school system, startups and of course The Breathe Project.

Did you have a lightbulb moment when it came to the concept of JustBreathe or was it a gradual idea process?

When we realised just how simple it can be! Health can be so complicated, anxiety can own us, the school system can suck…but we can always come back to our breath, that thing keeping us alive. Just Breathe is a reminder of its simplicity. We didn’t know when we started but Just Breathe has become the anthem of our school workshops, the hashtag on our social and the branding of our van, tees, stickers, school posters and just about everything else we’ve created.
Simple words. Powerful effect.

Kat And Bodhi

When did YOU guys first discover the concept of breathing to reduce stress and anxiety? Was it your positive experiences that has fuelled this passion for teaching?
I first discovered the power of breathing in high school when I was engulfed by a toxic relationship, family issues and life. Our experience definitely fuels us to keep sharing the power of breath further and wider but also that we both wish we learnt something like this in school.

Where and how did you two lovers meet?
Our eyes first met at Dan Millman’s (Way Of The Peaceful Warrior) Mind & Body Mastery Training. Not long after I chopped through a solid piece of wood with my bare hand that had written on it ‘the fear of being vulnerable’. We actually met the following weekend at Sunshine Coast Yoga Festival. I told my girlfriends we had to go to this guy’s (Bodhi’s) class as he has the most gorgeous eyes. He was actually teaching an Art of Breath Workshop and he recognised me and also my Breathe tattoo on my right ankle. It all happened from there. After just a couple a weeks, I could have confidently said that he was who I was going to spend my life with. I had never felt this before, I didn’t even believe in that. Before I knew it, I was blurting out ‘I PASSIONATELY love you!’.

kat and bodhiacro surf

What made you choose to target schools? Would you ever expand the program into other workplaces/social events?

I have always known the importance of working with grassroots so school is where it is at. But we actually share our Breathe Experience far and wide too at retreats, festivals, university, corporate groups and community workshops. Our target market is the human being.

What are your thoughts on the pressures put on young school leavers having to decide on a future careers so quickly?

I think that is why I personally am doing what I am doing. It is wrong (fucked). But it isn’t going to stop. But with the breath, we can empower our youth to connect within, to their dreams, passions and talents and to live for themselves, rather than getting caught up in the expectations of who they’re meant to be and what they’re meant to do.

Breathe Project

What would be your advice to those wanting to make their business idea a reality? (No matter how crazy it may seem!)

Just start. Baby ACTIONS – the universe, and people, support actions.
Tell only a few people (at least to begin with until you’re solid in it). Because every one has advice (or doubt) and that can so quickly take you away from your heart’s idea, purpose, decision, approach. Bodhi lives by ‘listen to all, follow none’.

What can the power of breathing do for an individual?
You’ll have to try it 🙂 Or Google it, the list of scientifically proven benefits is endless.
But for us, we see it every day have an immediate calming effect (dropping out of that fight or flight response) and bigger picture we see it freeing people from the pressure of expectations.

What has your method done for you?
Stopped the slippery slope into a catastrophe. Allowed me to sleep properly.
Escaped sickness – the sore throat feeling the night before, wake up 100%. Empowered me to be myself and continue striving. I have been able to work through so much to expand my growth personally.

What are your goals with the BreatheProject, what is your BIG vision?
To have correct breathing embedded into all Australian schools for 3-minutes each day. Eventually worldwide. We are actually working on Chapter 2 of Breathe Project right now, which has emphasis on expanding beyond our current scope to where we cannot physically reach.

What does a day in a life of Kat look like right now? How is life on the road!!?
Waking in the van snuggled next to the love of my life and a beautiful sunrise and ocean view out the window. My morning ritual includes movement, grounding in (so crucial when on the go), journalling and an ocean swim (AKA shower). If it’s a school day then we can have 4+ workshops working with up to 1300+ students and teachers. If it’s not a school day then we create our ideal outdoor office to focus on the other 7+ roles we play in the business. We always create space to explore the new area, surf, acro, connect with locals and we make sure every meal is a ‘special’ meal with only the best. Of an evening, sometimes we just lay under the stars while playing the ukulele and rapping or we watch an interesting doco or interview on the iPhone velcroed to the roof of the van. I’m not really a night person so by 8/830, I’ve done my little clearing and am snuggled in bed.

The Breathe Project

What has been your biggest hurdle when creating the BreatheProject?
Putting our selves on the line and being vulnerable. It’s scary to put your self out there and that’s a fear we’re continually working through. For example, calling our first school. We had 50+ registered and we let 3 months pass before calling one…because we were so shit scared – we hadn’t even ever been into a school and didn’t even know how it was going to work.

What makes the BreatheProject so important to you?
To me, this is my platform to explore and express my power and gifts while empowering the world. We didn’t start the momentum of this revolution for nothing.

Just Breathe

 A little off Topic, but We see you are amazing at acro yoga! We have to know, how did you get into that?
Oo, yes! That is what makes me come alive. I first discovered AcroYoga about 7 years ago tipsy on sangria in a park in San Francisco. You really have to try it. It allowed me to trust again, communicate non-violently and truly experience playfulness.

What made you take 2 years off to travel?
Hmm I finished high school and as the high achieving yet rebel student, I wasn’t going to do what was expected of me. So I took a gap year to live, work and travel in the USA. After one year, I still wasn’t ready to live up to the person I was ‘meant’ to be so I took another gap year and kept living the dream.

Did those 2 years have an impact on what is now your outlook on life?
Totally! In that time (and my world travels since) I really discovered who I was and what I was super passionate about. My unshakable determination was strengthened and I continued to develop values, I still live by, around simple living and what truly matters.

breathe with us

If you want to learn more about the Breathe Project, get your school involved or even request some free Breathe Cards to distribute to your community head to

Follow Kat and Bodhi’s world-evolving journey on Instagram here: @breatheproject & Facebook here.

We hope you enjoyed hearing about this fresh, exciting project as much as we did. We at Uninhibited feel like it is such an important issue being addressed, and are so stoked in the way Kat & Bodhi are choosing to implement the project. We love Bodhi’s life mantra Kat mentioned, ‘listen to all, follow none.’ It is such powerful advice and we encourage you to have a think about how it applies to your life and inner dreams.

Oh and remember…. #JustBreathe 😉




As Light as a Feather

May 17, 2016

IMG_5877                   IMG_5875

Every so often, when scrolling through Instagram, something just POPS! Erin Summers’ or Erin Lightfeather’s, (as she is known as on the interweb!) vibrant feathery creations have so far attracted over 19 thousand grammers, and boy is she a must follow! Talk about unique, Erin’s creations vary from loose feathers, millenary, mobiles, wall-hangings and eyelashes!? (see above). With a jewellery line on the way, Erin’s ethically sourced, quirky art is sure to have you following before you can say tweet tweet!

Based in Toronto Canada, Erin is a fair flight away from our little Aussie town in the suburbs of Melbourne, however we were lucky enough to steal some of her time to discuss the power of social media and of course all things feathers!

The question I’m sure a lot of people are thinking as they scroll through your quirky feed, is WHY FEATHERS? Don’t get us wrong, you have made it work! But what drew you to feathers specifically for your art?

Hahaha I get asked this question a LOT. So random, right? As you can see, I have a particular love for feathers. I started working with them almost a decade ago when I first starting dabbling in the world of bridal accessories. I just fell in love with their beauty and versatility. Try as I might, I have not found a material to work with that comes close to the delicate beauty of a feather. It must have been destiny because when I signed up for Instagram last May I wasn’t thinking feathers, or business. I started it during a creative rut as an online portfolio to post inspo, DIY projects and that sort of thing. (I choose the name “Lightfeather simply on a whim since “@erinsummer” was taken and I happened to be dying a batch of feathers that day.) I realised early on that my feather posts were generating more likes and engagement than anything else I was doing, so it gave me the confidence to streamline my work in that direction.









Where did you learn to create such beautiful colours and designs using feathers? Or was it just through experimentation with art?

Purely through experimentation and a desire to create something new and exciting with this one very specific medium.

What do you create with your feathers?

All sorts of things! I started off doing millinery and batch orders of loose feathers for fashion/design, but lately I have been doing a lot more mobiles and wall hangings. I am trying to develop a jewellery line which I work on in my spare time as a passion project.


Your feathers are ethically sourced, which is awesome and so important! Where do you actually get you feathers?

I currently source my feathers from 4 waterfowl farms in Canada. I mainly use goose and duck feathers, and the ones I receive from them are naturally shed. I also get some more exotic feathers like ostrich and peacock from a peafowl aviary and a ostrich farm. every once in a while I will have bird owners reach out to me asking if I’d like a few of their pet bird’s shed feathers. Recently, I have also had some hunter touch base to see if I might like some of the feathers from their hunt. For me, ethical mean absolutely NO live-plucking, no tiny cages, no fear or abuse. I source my feathers from a free range environment where the birds have been given an opportunity to roam free and live a happy healthy life.

What does ethically sourcing your feathers mean to you?

It means everything. I could not in good conscious make art knowing that I was exploiting another living creature.. When I first started working with feathers, I never really put much thought into where they came from. It wasn’t until I started using feathers as my main medium that I did the research, and I was really horrified with myself. I had no idea that there was a lot of unethical feather-harvesting practices in the feather industry. Since then, I only work with cruelty-free feathers. It can be quite costly and fairly limiting in variety- but those limits in turn have been an inspiration. I have been able to paint, trim, sculpt, and decorate my feathers in a variety of shapes and colours that make it seem like I have a wild assortment to choose from.



How has social media allowed your art to gain exposure? Did your followers occur naturally or did it take work to get yourself out there!?

Social media- particularly Instagram-has been instrumental in my exposure and success. At this point, about 75% of my clientele finds me, or has been referred to me via Instagram. It’s been incredibly validating for me as an artist, and has given me the push that I needed to move forward with my very niche art form. I had to work really hard at the beginning to gain exposure. I used to spend HOURS on Instagram cruising through my favourite hashtags, and liking and commenting on everything that caught my eye. I really just dove in head first and tried to engage as much as possible. I think that benefitted me a lot the first 6 months and then I started to get noticed by larger accounts who would feature me, and drive a lot of traffic my way. Since then, my numbers have really snowballed and I am so fortunate.

What’s your proudest moment since starting your business/passion project?

The day when I realised that I had created a full time career doing what I love!

What are your BIG visions when it comes to your art and Insta!? Where do you see your art heading with the new website coming?

That’s a great question! Truthfully, I am still trying to figure out what I am, and what it is that I do (best). I have so many orders/commissions on the go that I am always just trying to catch up. I’d love to be more organised, be able to create some ready to order pieces, launch my jewellery line, and perhaps have some of my work carried by other retailers. It would also be fun to collaborate with other artists and designers!

What advice do you give to young artists?

Get on social media. Start an Instagram account. Follow and engage with other artists you admire. Post photos of your work. ask your following for feedback. When you support other artists, they tend to support you in return. Experiment and have fun! Try not to let the success of other artists discourage you. Stay true to your art, and devote a little time -even just 5 minutes- to it a day. It’s never too late to pursue your passion.


We loved getting to know Erin and we hope you did too! Something really noteworthy Erin mentioned was to “not let the success of others discourage you“, this is such essential advice in todays world. We are all constantly bombarded on social media by the success of others, and sometimes (we know!) it can be disheartening if you feel that your success hasn’t quite hit it’s peak yet. It is so important to remember to keep chipping away at your goals and your dreams! Focus on YOU and your time will come!

Keep a look out for Erin’s website coming soon, but in the meantime you can follow her Instagram page here at @erinlightfeather, and for more questions or enquiries regarding her work you can send any messages to

erin light feather

Emily Taylor

May 8, 2016



Emily Taylor, (teamed with her Step Mum, Kerry) is the lovely lady behind our local ‘go-to’ boutique, LELULAH! As Lelulah’s 1st birthday is creeping up, we thought what better time to get all the deets on how two ordinary fashionistas from the ‘burbs pulled off opening their own successful boutique.

Have you ever wanted to start your own business but don’t think you have the skills? Are you a recent high school leaver feeling the pressure to pursue formal education but don’t think it’s for you?

Well guess what, THERE ARE NO RULES. Listen up and push that doubt aside with this interview showing you how possible it is to make any business dreams a reality.

We were so excited to interview Em, so we thought why not give you guys the chance to hear it for yourselves, word stumbles, giggles and all!  😉  Hit the play button below each question to hear Em’s response, in a raw and unrestrained (some may even say uninhibited!) format.

What sparked your love for women’s fashion/Did you always know you wanted to head into the fashion industry?

I didn’t always know that I wanted to go into fashion, it was after high school when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I had decided to go into visual merchandising and studied that for two years. So I guess in some way that kind of influenced me into some sort of fashion-based job. Then from there I got a job with Billabong, and worked for Surf Dive & Ski and Jetty Surf, for about 4 years. Within that time I moved up from just a sales assistant to working as a roaming VM, which had me going to stores in Torquay, Burke Street and all that. So I finished up there and didn’t know what I wanted to do. I had kinda half started a website and I just thought hey, why don’t I open a boutique?


Did you have any prior experience in the fashion/business world prior to starting up Lelulah?

I didn’t actually have any proper business kind of experience. You know, I had seen my Dad’s business running from home through the home office, but in terms of business experience no, none. So it was kinda good that I started this up with my business partner, my Step Mum Kerry. I have learnt a lot through her in terms of how to run a business and all that kind of stuff. In terms of fashion, yeah I definitely had experience in that as I was working with Billabong, Jetty Surf, Surf Dive and Ski and all that. So i’d kind of seen how a fashion retail store works, the ins and out of stock control, ordering and that kind of thing and seeing the way it works in a retail store.


Is there a further meaning behind the name “Lelulah”/ What made it jump out to you for the name of your Boutique?

*Chuckles* This is probably a question I get asked most about is the name, but no there is actually no real meaning behind it! I think I have really googled and really tried to find a meaning but I’ve got none! But you know I have gotten onto the 10th page of google and found out that in some really distant way that it means a female heroine, like some sort of a female hero. But no, no meaning behind it I just liked how feminine it sounded and it had that nice ring to it!


Why did you choose to open your boutique in Ringwood East?

Well I have lived in Ringwood East my whole life, so I have been a local girl, I have seen this Railway Avenue strip develop over time. I actually came down here over the summer over a year ago and I saw this property up for lease, got on the real estate website, looked it up and thought depending how much it costs, you know in a year lets have a look and it was relatively reasonable so we just thought hey lets give it crack! It’s handy being so close to home too! We also want to bring a bit more fashion awareness to the local strip I guess!

How/why do you choose the labels you stock in your shop?

We choose the labels we stock in our shop because most of them are designed in Australia, so we love the fact that they are Australian labels. We also love the aesthetic of the clothing too, everything we choose is something we would have in our wardrobe, something you know we’d feel comfortable paying for and wearing. We definitely love all the labels that we stock, and we pride ourselves on the Australian labels.


Were your family/friends/community surprised or skeptical when you shared your initial idea for starting a fashion boutique?

I don’t think they were skeptical, I think they were very supportive! We had a lot of help from family and friends to start up the business, and without them it wouldn’t have happened I guess! You know everything you see here has been put together by family members and friends, everyone kind of rallied around us, and the community were very supportive! And we’ve got lots of lovely return customers that we have built friendships with through opening the shop.

What has been the hardest part/biggest hurdle when creating a business from the ground up?

The biggest hurdle with creating your own business I guess is trying to put in the man hours and applying yourself 100%. It takes so much time and effort to create something and you’ve got to be 100% there. So I think thats definitely the hardest part, you’ve just got to be dedicated.


 In contrast, what is the best part of being your own boss and owning a boutique?

That’s one of the biggest draw cards for me I think, being your own boss is just absolutely amazing. I worked for a big business for so long, and you kinda just feel like a number when you are working for a big business. I guess when you’re co-owning something with someone and its just you two running it its just so much more personal and you can put your heart and soul into. So yeah, I think being your own boss is absolutely amazing.

Is co-owning a fashion boutique what you expected, is it better/worse? 

Co-owning definitely has its benefits, I mean you know having someone like Kerry who has been able to share her talents and her experience with business, and you know I teach her things about fashion and merchandising you know we have both learnt so much from each other. And having a business together has been amazing, and an awesome journey so far. So its so good to see what will come from that.


Where do you see Lelulah in the future, what are you big dreams?

There’s definitely big dreams for Lelulah, initially when we started we saw ourselves being a big online empire. You know when you start you have all these dreams and aspirations. Yeah so we definitely see ourselves growing our online business and  becoming more so like a household name… you know “Im going to shop down at LELULAH.” And I think in the past year since we’ve been opened it has become something like that, locals do say “I am just going down to LELULAH.”

Would you ever launch your own fashion label for Lelulah?

Yeah we would definitely look at launching our own fashion label. When we first started it was something that we really wanted to do. We learnt a lot about wholesaling and manufacturing and stuff like that so it was kind of a lot harder than we initially thought.


What advice would you give to high-school leavers wanting to pursue a non-traditional career path like yourself?

I definitely just say to them, give it a go! You’ve got literally nothing to lose, you know you’ve just got to put in the time and effort and know that it’s 100% what you want to be doing, and even if it’s not what you want to be doing and down the track you change your mind, that’s no an issue. You know you only live once and you’ve just got to do it. You can only say you’ve done something if you have given it a go and nobody’s going to hold it against you if you it doesn’t work out.

Finally, what is your go-to outfit from Lelulah at the moment!?


So….what’s stopping you?

As Em said, bite the bullet and just DO IT.

We loved this snippet of her advice:

“Nobody’s going to hold it against you if it doesn’t work out.”

It’s such an important point. It’s what you don’t do that you will regret, not what you do do. We know it sounds like the standard advice we hear all the time, but if you stop for a moment and truly apply it to yourself, it could just be the push you need!

We hope that hearing how a relatable woman like Em is doing it, that you feel you can do it too. It’s what our local legend corner is all about.

To keep up to date with Lelulah and make sure you are aware of any fresh stock (trust us, you want to be aware!) chuck them a  follow on Insta at @lelulahboutique or Facebook HERE.

Their address is:

16A Railway Avenue Ringwood East 3135

Not a local? Head to their website and shop away online! (phew!)




Check out A few action shots from the interview below 😉