Callum Warren – Artist

June 11, 2017

Say Hello to fellow Melbournian and talented artiste…

Callum Warren.

(and yes we are hoping you just pronounced artist with a French accent for no logical reason at all.)


Callum is all about creative exploration, but the majority of his time is poured into artwork and illustrations.

We get the vibe he is a bit of a movie/tv series buff as a lot of his art tends to be portraits of celebrities or movie characters! He has a real flare for choosing powerful facial expressions to recreate, and adds these fun bursts of colour to black and white, bringing his pieces to life. 

One of our personal favs is  “Out of Time”, a 3 piece series described by Callum as being

“ About the short amount of time we have here on this floating rock. The legacy some leave behind and the influence they still have today.”

Callum also works on small commission projects, challenging himself with quirky ideas others ask him to create. From skate ramp art to his current project “”, an art series for a local Melbourne restaurant, he is always working on something different, continuing to prove his diversity as an artist.

“The series is focused around the fresh produce they grow at their local farm. I spent a day at the farm snapping photos and created this series of work based on that day.”

To check out the quick version of how he creates these pieces (because lbh who watches vids longer than 5 mins 😉 ) head to his youtube channel where he uploads time lapses of most of his work in progress!

Can already see one of his pieces up on your wall? You can purchase his work here and learn even more about Callum on his website.

Get in touch for any collabs or commission requests via his email:

Hit up his Facebook page here.

And of course don’t forget to throw his Insta @callumwarrenart a follow where you will find a whole lot more of Callum’s stuff, including gags getting into Donald Trump, who doesn’t love that? 😉

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