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March 17, 2016


When we stumbled across Angie’s mesmerizing instagram feed filled with her artwork, we knew simply a follow wouldn’t cut it, we had to know more! Based in Brisbane, Australia we give to you the woman behind @angie7700, Angela Beggs! Angela’s paintings capture the femininity in modern surfing & the carefree beauty of surf culture. Below you can check out our little interview with Angela, where we delve deeper into the truths of being a part-time artist & her hopes and dreams for the future.

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Who/What inspires you and your artwork?

Nature, the ocean, Instagram, books,  my family – in North Queensland and Victoria who love sports and surfing, my partner – he is so supportive and understands creative people, he was a music producer and a dance music artist, my very supportive Aunty Suie who helped me turn painting from a hobby into something I can do on a semi-professional basis. You need at least one person in your life who’s encouraging and believes in you.

What has led you to being the artist you are today?

My father was an artist, not a hugely successful one, but very committed and talented. I never felt that I could ‘compete’ with him or be good enough. When he passed away a few years ago I was devastated, but it also freed me to pursue art, I started to paint and loved it.

I also spent years practicing drawing and life drawing on a regular basis and that has paid off. No one was interested in my drawings at first, but as soon as I added colour I got a positive response right away.

Hard work is very important in any endeavour but sometimes just changing a few things to what you’re doing, e.g. adding colour or incorporating a different style really pays off. You have to find out what an audience wants and try to give it to them. With art, people love colour, so put it everywhere.

What has been the biggest struggle whilst working towards your dreams?

With my art dream, I always had an interest and always did drawing but never believed in myself. I never thought  you could make a living through art because I saw my Dad struggle so much.

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What makes your artwork unique?

There are a lot people doing surf art. I think mine’s a bit different because it’s feminine and casual. It appeals to men and women. I love surf art and what other people are doing especially Wade Koniakowsky (

When not painting, what does your life entail?

I work in fashion and have a business selling bamboo dresses.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

I’d like to eventually work full time with art. I’d like to be represented in galleries in Australia, Hawaii, Japan and America.

I’m already in galleries in Noosa, Torquay and Hawaii so I’m proud of myself for that. I started to sell my paintings in 2015.

I want to travel a lot more. I love beachy places, (no surprise!), I’ve been to Hawaii three times and can’t wait to get back. I also want to visit the USA and Canada.

What would be your advice to other aspiring artists/creatives?

Work hard and practice! Do something every day, if you do something creative only once a week, you probably won’t get anywhere. To be creative you need to connect to the creative part of your mind. If you’re thinking about ‘rational’ things your creative brain won’t work. Plan your creative sessions so that you won’t be interrupted.

While you’re learning, don’t worry about what other people think and don’t do your work to seek approval from other people, let things flow.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Angela in a depth beyond her canvas as much as we did! There’s is nothing we love more than hearing about people just like Angela pursuing a passion that makes their heart sing. Just real people just doing what we love, that’s what we are about.

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Get in contact with Angela at or to buy/check out more of Angela’s art head to!

Follow her art on Instagram at @angie7700

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