Photo Series: Alive in Arizona – Sara Baar

July 11, 2017

Honestly, we get so excited when someone pops up in our inbox. Especially when that someone comes bearing gifts of wonderful photos to share with you all! 

This was definitely the case when Sara Baar found us! And boy are we keen to introduce you to this damn cool gal. Her story made us want to jump on the first flight to Arizona and get out on the wide open road. 


Court & Mim

“My road trip to Arizona began with a Craigslist post.

For the 6 months leading up to it, I had been in between hospital stays and home, recovering from an intensive emergency surgery. I was isolated, with a dire need to feel connected to the external world.

The post promised an experience to take me outside of my comforts. I saw it as way to perhaps feel like myself again. We drove through 5 states in 3 days from Vancouver, BC to Sedona, AZ in an old GMC Vandura.

From slippery, snowy highways to parched red roads the landscape changed as we drove and it was magic.

The van broke down not once but twice, and I was forced to rely on the kindness of strangers for the majority of the trip. I had little money and was always lost but for the first time in half a year I felt independent and free.

“I was back to living life on my own terms, far away from hospitals and the sterile loneliness that comes with daily prodding and injections. This trip and these photos will always be a reminder that with pain comes an openness to experience what truly makes you feel alive, and for that I am forever grateful.”


All Images Copyright of Sara Baar ©

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