5 things I take for granted in Australia

August 21, 2016

I have officially been away from home for one month (crazy, I know!) and those dreaded homesick thoughts have officially started to creep in! Now before you jump to crazy conclusions that I have already booked a flight home, DON’T STRESS. I’m talking about those little moments in a day over seas when you think “Damn, I could really just go some smashed Avo on toast like I have at home!” or “If only I could just jump in my car and not have to haggle a price with a tuk tuk (a Sri Lankan taxi) driver.”

Yes I know… I have it pretty bloody easy if they are my current “problems” 😉

But my point is, one of those moments got me thinking about how lucky I am to live in the country that I do. I’m not going to to try to tell you that Australia is the best country on the planet, because each country has their strengths and their downfalls. But being overseas has taught me, (even if only for 1 month so far) is that there are SO many awesome aspects about livin’ in Aus that I, and we all, naturally take for granted. So I thought why not compile my top ones so far, in hope to remind my fellow Aussies and anyone else who can relate, how lucky we really are!




After having to buy gallons of bottled water, for everything from drinking to brushing your teeth, I have definitely learnt to have a strong appreciation for the incredible access we have to safe tap water at home. The fact you can just go to any tap to quench your thirst, be it the kitchen sink or garden…really is quite insane when you think about it!


(Sorry what!? Can someone confirm if this is a thing?!)


Standing in the middle of any humid, busy, motorbike fumed third world street, you really miss being able to suck in a big gulp of crisp Aussie air, (you know, those moments on Sunday arvo in summer, when the air is sweetened with the faint smell of freshly cut grass or the pure ocean breeze of the coast?) Look I could be exaggerating, BUT it’s a known fact that us Aussies have it pretty good with our air quality compared to other parts of the world. (Yes China, I’m looking at you ;))




On a serious note…After visiting much more conservative countries such as Java, Lombok and now Sri Lanka, I have come to realise how lucky us Aussie chicks are to wear what ever we want and pursue a life that we choose without strong male dominance in our life decisions or general life path. Not to mention being able to walk around at night without feeling like a complete target or piece of meat as oppose to a PERSON. (I also want to make clear now, that I am talking from MY own personal experiences living in Aus, and I understand that I cannot generalise all of “Australia’s” or other country’s ways of life nor can I say that All Australian men are perfect and never disrespect women, because quite frankly that would be just plain ignorant) Phew.. Just thought I’d clear that one up.


Woman carrying shopping bags


I’m sure all you frequent Bali goers can relate to this one. After the initial “Holy shit I can choose what I pay for something!” novelty wears off, having to negotiate a price for everything you need to purchase can get pretty exhausting. Not to mention never knowing if the price you pay is “cheap” or a compete rip off lol (we have allllll been there.) You would be lying if sometimes you didn’t wish you could just have that familiar sense of security with country-wide set price standards.




Though you Darwinians and other tropical Aussies out there won’t relate to this one, one thing I have missed is the variation of weather in a day! In Melbourne, we have a very distinct summer, winter, Autumn and Spring! In these tropical climates, a day varies from hot, steamy, humid and a slightly cooled humid in the morning & afternoon. Now I could totally live without winter, (I am a water baby though and through) but all I’m sayin’ is that every now and then it would be nice to rug up and have a hot milo by the fire!!




Now before you roll your eyes, I know it has been drilled into us “How lucky we are to even have the opportunity to go to school, and we should never whinge or take it for granted” (not that that ever stopped us from whining about waking up every morning!) But! One thing about hearing how other countries experience education has taught me, is that we actually ARE so freaking lucky with all the opportunities we have, and how they are all within one country. Where this personally really sunk in for me, was this lil’ reality check i’ll tell you about below if you are interested:

I have been staying with a beautiful Sri Lankan couple the past few days, and the reason they have the spare room is because their two children (a son, 18 and a daughter 21) are both studying in Australia.) The reason for this, is that in Sri Lanka their end of school exams were of “international standard” so for their pass to be recognised, they had to study with a University that is recognised internationally. Now I don’t know the nitty gritty of all this, but what I do know is how crazy would it be, to finish high school and the only way you can continue your studies is to pack up, leave your friends and family back home and jet off to a WHOLE NEW country and culture. Starting Uni in the same country is scary, let alone all that extra stress! Just the thought makes me nervy, and to think it’s the reality for SO MANY people out there!!!

Be grateful and groovy!

Love, Court xx

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