5 Easy Ways To DETOX Your Social Media

January 25, 2017

With 2017 officially in full swing, high hopes for the year are still lingering as everyone cracks into achieving their new year resolutions and enters the year feeling refreshed and full of that summer positivity.

So with all these self-transformation, new year new me feels going on, we thought we would hit you with a bit of social media transformation to kick off your 2017 nicely, and to make sure you’re getting the best possible version of your Insta, Facebook, Snapchat or whatever other social media platform you use.

Below we have OUR top 5 tips to clean out your social media channels, in order to keep up those positive vibes and transform your newsfeed into something that LIFTS your mood and doesnt de-falte it..


Ok so lets be real here… as much as we all love our daily dose of good old social media, sometimes it can be a massive drainer. We are all guilty of following those accounts that when they pop up, you just cringe and subconsciously your mood dampens.

Be it an over-sharing or negative FB friend (think status’s like: “Why doesn’t anything ever go my way? ☹ ☹ ”) or a celebrity ‘fitspo’ that makes you feel shit about yourself with their unrealistic ideals and (probably heavily-edited) pics, get rid of em!

Yes you heard us! CULL. THOSE. ACCOUNTS.

You’re lying to yourself if you really think following these accounts will be of benefit to you, take the plunge and scroll through who you’re following! Even if someone gives you a slightly bad vibe click UNFOLLOW, we promise you won’t miss them! It is so simple, but will have major effects on your mood next time you’re scrollin!

TIP: Can’t be bothered going through all your followers? Just make a deal with yourself that whenever something negative or draining pops up, go to that account and press unfollow!


When you got Facebook, like most of us, you were probably 12 years old and we are almost certain that if you got to 1000 friends you’d magically be \

you have hundreds of friends that you added just to beef up your number of friends 😉 On the other hand, you could even just have a whole lot of friends that you really have no solid connection to in the real world (guilty.)
Now we aren’t going to sit here and tell you to delete any friend you haven’t had real-life contact with the past week, because quite frankly nobody wants 12 friends making up their newsfeed 😉
However what we will say, is have squiz at the people making up your feed, and go through and get rid of the ones that have zero impact on your life what so ever.  It will make your newsfeed much more meaningful and exciting, to see what your GENUINE friends or acquaintances have been up to!



Have a think about your snapstory list…do any really annoying accounts come to mind? Do you have a celebrity that constantly just snaps themselves singing lyrics in their Range Rovers (Kylie Jenner we are looking at you) or snap-happy mates that show you their entire day (EVERYDAY) basically just filling up their car, driving to work and playing with their dog? Well I think you know what we are about to say next… CULL.



Put some thought into your current passions, interests, goals and dreams! What excites you? Inspires you? Makes you want to get out and enhance your life? What accounts make you FEEL GOOD?
Follow more of those accounts.  Insta has a “recommended” section now that shows you similar accounts to the one you are stalking. USE THAT BUTTON! Explore insta and follow new people, doing cool and exciting things!


5.  GET THE BALL ROLLIN’ or should we say scrollin’ 😉

Now that you have culled away all that isn’t serving you, you finally have room to follow a whole bunch of positive accounts just waiting to motivate and inspire you.

To get the ball rolling here are some accounts we recommend to get you daily dose of motivation and positive vibes!  

@streetartglobe Shares mind-blowing art from all over the world

@humansofny Street Photography sharing pictures of ordinary people with inspiring, real stories.

Quality Quote Sharing Instas: @thegoodquote    @awake_spiritual    @mindsetofgreatness   @cleowade

We hope we have inspired you to re-vamp your life online, and that your next scrolling sesh is a breath of fresh air! 

Wishing you an incredible 2017, filled with self-development and goal smashing!

If you have any accounts you recommend following don’t hesitate to comment them below, we would love to hear about them ☺

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